I hit up Bloomingdale’s and finally found 2 outfits before leaving town.

I told the sales girl to give me a minute as I was on the phone talking and praying with my best lil Sis and talking about my body transformation. I did not realize that a gentleman was paying any attention to me and waiting for me to get off the phone.

After I finally got off the phone, he politely approached and introduced himself. Gave me his business card and then gave the sales girl his Credit card.

Mind you, I’m thinking he’s buying something for his wife or girlfriend.

NOPE. He bought me the 2 outfits and said he overheard my convo and liked my spirit.

Asked me to forgive his eavesdropping and can he take me out to dinner this week if I’m available.

TrickyMickey – Abdomen
May 2020

Life changes

I told him I can’t accept his gifts if he’s married or in a committed relationship.

His response was he’s divorced and single.

I’m the one in my family that ppl come to which has taken its toll. I can’t even tell you the last time that I got a gift outside from my parents and lil brother Daunte who are now my Angels.