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Based on your height, & weight you can choose the areas you are interested in treating, and we will provide a FREE Instant Quick Quote with general pricing.  

This will give you a fairly accurate quote for about 75% of individuals.  

If you have a more complex situation and your BMI is a category 5 you would need to schedule the formal consultation in order to get specific pricing.

please feel free to call our office if you have any questions.


Free option:  Submit photos and explain your concerns.  Our staff will review and respond with an email quote. This is a great option if you’re not sure that you fit into our Quick Quote and you’d like a human to review your situation for confirmation.  

If we need to speak with you, a Formal Consultation may be required.

Submit photos, personal information, schedule a date and time to be contacted, pay $100 fee, and Trevor will contact you by phone on the chosen date. 

This is required when you are ready to move forward with scheduling your procedure.  We’ll evaluate your individual situation, answer all of your questions and ensure that we are clear on the plan.