Lipo Journeys

Lipo Journeys

Audra Isreal

We do not have to live in self-doubt, insecurity and depression.

Rebecca Rexroat

Since my procedure(s), I’ve continued on a healthier lifestyle.

Blankita Rios

I help girls
change their mindset.”

Sarah Pinson

I have pushed through pain
to achieve my goals.

Gilvette Marie

Can’t believe I let myself get to this point.
But never again! 

Destiny Wilkins

I was going to leave mid-procedure.

Tina Grey

As long as you are healthy – you are not too old to get Liposuction.

Neice Knight

Look better,
feel better,
be better.”

Meaghn Gill

I am starting to see it, I am being more confident.”

Heather Anderson

I finally get to be the person I always wanted to be.”

Jordan French

I’ve had ups and downs
but I’m still working on me –

Chanel Finnie

“We should all be supportive and not bring each other down.”

Lynette Ann Bacote

I smile more and feel like the person I was meant to be.

Michelle Renee Brantley

The person from the past was sucked out.

Petty Juana

“Tears of joy and tears of disgust!”