Issue 1: 

Are there issues with cellulite?

Cellulite is the dimples that many women hate with a passion.  It’s caused by connective tissue under the skin that is not working the way it’s supposed work.  In some areas it pulls the skin too hard, while in others not hard enough and this causes the dimple and even irregularities. When you add fat to the area to increase the volume, it could make the cellulite more pronounced as it is now pulling harder in the wrong place on the skin. 

Fortunately, with proper technique, these rogue fibers of connective tissue can be selectively released effectively eliminating the dimple.  If done properly, this technique can significantly improve or eliminate the cellulite in the area treated.

Liposuction also does a good job of reducing these incompetent connective tissue fibers.  Therefore, the areas where treated with liposuction tend to improve significantly in the amount and distribution of cellulite.  This is an added bonus of liposuction.

Issue 2:

Is skin laxity an issue?

How loose or tight your skin is will have an impact on the final results of a BBL.  I like to use the analogy of your skin is similar to that of a water balloon.  When we inject fat under the skin, it will expand out in similar fashion to a balloon.  If the skin is tight it will be inhibited from expanding past a certain point.  Similarly, if the skin is looser, there is more room for it to expand and fit more volume. 

When you are very small to start and have very little fat with tight skin, the potential size that can be achieved in a single procedure will be diminished.  When the fat is injected in the fat layer, the skin will get so tight that it causes pressure on the fat and could compromise the results.  At some point there is a pressure so great that the fat will not go in, and it will start to back it’s way out.  Fortunately, on smaller individuals even a small enlargement makes a huge difference.

If these individuals choose to go larger than what is possible with a single procedure, it is possible to do additional fat transfers in the future.  Each time, the skin will stretch a little bit more and more fat will be added to the area.  With tighter skin, there is more inherent pressure from the skin which can cause a greater loss of fat following the procedure.

Those who have looser skin which will stretch more, have a greater potential for accepting more volume.  As the fat is injected, the skin will accommodate the additional volume.  This allows for a larger increase in size.  These individuals tend to have a better fat survival as there is less pressure from the skin.

Issue 3:

What is my natural shape?

Considering your natural shape will give you an idea of what your body is inclined to look like.  Through liposuction and fat transfer the shape can be altered to some extent, but the underlying anatomy will not change.  In most cases, we can create an enhanced version of your natural shape.   When you work with the body, the results are much more pleasing. 

For example, there are some bodies which are much better suited for the pronounced hourglass figure, while others simply don’t have the same anatomical structures.  It is possible to change your natural shape and create different shapes.  However, in some cases, the body is less compliant and will resist certain changes.  One should consider this prior to their procedure as to have realistic expectations for the final outcome.

Ideally, we work to enhance the natural beauty that you already possess. Through liposuction, we can deepen the curves to carve out your shape.  When additional volume is needed, we can increase with fat transfer.  This is an art and your body is the pallet.  Together we can create a magic shape that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Issue 4:

What shape do I desire?

You should get exactly what you want.  In order to get what you want, you must do your research and determine exactly what shape you desire.  While keeping in mind your natural shape, try to imagine the shape that you prefer on your new body.  Reviewing pictures of others will help you to see what is possible for you. 

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  There is no “right way” to do this procedure.  There is no one shape that everyone finds beautiful.  Therefore, there will always be some people who don’t like what you have done to your body.  We call them “Haters.” 

Take your time to see what celebrity butts you prefer, this will give you a general idea of the shape you prefer.  Keep in mind that in order to achieve the vision you imagine, you may need to treat more areas or get multiple fat injections to accomplish the change.  Sometimes it takes more effort to reach the goal. 

Many women like the overall shape of Kim Kardashian and would like to mimic her body type.  If you are very skinny and have thin legs to start, that is not a very realistic expectation.  Kim has a lot to work with.  The more realistic you are with your own potential, the happier you will be with the results. 

It is possible to change the shape and distribution of the fat.  For example, by putting the fat on the sides, you can create a more round shaped butt.  Adding more volume towards the lower and outer part of the thigh will create a wider base, “upside down heart.”  Some like to focus the volume centrally creating more protrusion for a perky athletic butt.  If you can’t explain what you want, then it’s unlikely you will achieve your goal.

Issue 5:

How big can I go?

After you’ve considered your natural shape and that which you desire, you should consider how large you wish to go.  As stated above, there are limitations.  If you have tighter skin, this will inhibit your body from accepting larger volumes.  If you have looser skin, you will have more options for choosing size.

It should be noted that studies show an expected fat loss of approximately 30-50% of the volume injected.  When fat is taken from one area and transferred to the new area, your body must create a blood supply to feed the fat and accept it locally.  In that process, some of the fat does not survive and each body is different which is why results vary.  Because of this, I usually recommend injecting as much as possible, while anticipating a reduction.  Fear not, your body will only allow for a limited amount of fat to survive.  Typically, that amount is a nice natural size. 

In the event that you end up with a butt that is too large for your liking, it is always possible to remove some volume through liposuction.  This has never been the case through my experience, but knowing that it is possible may give you peace of mind.

Those who are looking to get a “Ba-Donka Donk Butt” you will likely need multiple injections spaced over a few procedures.  Through serial injections, we can slowly make the butt abnormally larger. Think Kim K, she has had a series of injections to systematically enlarge and enhance her shape.  It may be possible, but you must be patient as it takes time. 

Issue 6:

Am I able to adhere to the post op recommendations?

Adhering to the post op recommendations is extremely important following the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Those who are unable to follow directions inevitably lose more of their precious volume. 

It’s recommended that NO pressure be placed on the butt for the first two weeks.  This can be very difficult with work, sleep and rest throughout the day.  Those who make the efforts tend to get the best results.

Following this strict no pressure period, it’s recommended to put “limited pressure” for two months following the procedure.  What does limited pressure mean exactly?  It’s a vague statement on purpose.  It’s better to understand why you are not putting pressure, then you will act accordingly.

After the fat cells are transferred to the butt, your body will begin to create new blood vessels in order to bring a new supply of blood with oxygen and nutrients for the fat.  These nutrients will help the fat to survive and ultimately be accepted in this new area.  However, during the in-between phase, where the body has not accepted the fat yet, it is vulnerable to dying off before it is accepted. 

Therefore, allowing the body to do what its supposed to do, will enhance the chance of better results.  When you sit or put pressure on the area, it collapses the tiny blood vessels, effectively “choking off” the blood supply.  For whatever period of time the pressure is present, there will be limited nutrients and oxygen getting to the precious fat.  To ensure the best results, it’s recommended to put very little pressure to allow for maximum blood supply. 

To make things easier, you can use pillows to offload the pressure from the butt to the thighs.  You can alter your work station to allow for standing.  Use an exercise ball to disperse the pressure of sitting, on the thighs while the butt is hanging off the backside.

Those who adamantly follow the rules tend to get the best results.  While those who are unable to keep pressure off of the area will be the ones who complain about the fat disappearing.  The choice is yours, so develop your own personal plan to follow the rules in each situation for your lifestyle.

Issue 7:

Where are you going to take the fat from?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider before getting your Brazilian Butt Lift is “Where are you going to take the fat from?”  Liposuction plays a huge roll in the final appearance of your results.  By taking away the fat in a particular area, we can literally carve out the shapes that you desire. 

In order to get the most dramatic results, it’s imperative to remove the fat surrounding the butt, so that we have more control of the shape.  In many cases, individuals will have an abundance of fat in their waist line and lower back.  As fat fills in these areas, it causes the butt to be misshapen, appearing square and flat.

Just as an artist sculpts clay into his masterpiece, we too must remove the fat that doesn’t belong.  The overall shape of the butt is not changed by adding the volume to make it larger, rather taking away the areas which are too large and bringing them into a better proportion is crucial.

When others see your body from a distance, the first impression is typically seeing the overall shape as well as the distribution and proportions of your body.  Through liposuction, it’s important to restore the natural proportions.  Creating the “hourglass figure” will allow for your natural assets to take shape and become more visible.

By reducing the size of the belly, the breasts will stick out further than the belly, effectively highlighting them.  Reducing the waistline and lower back in particular, will carve out the desired shape of the butt and give it the appearance that it’s “Popping” out from your body. 

Once the surrounding fat is removed, the additional fat can be transferred strategically to further affect the shape and enhance the overall appearance.  Ideally, you will have elongated curves which start low and sweep up your body.  The natural shapes of your muscles and anatomical curves will show through once the blanket of fat is eliminated.

The fat in the lower back, will fill in the natural arch of the spine.  As it fills in, the shape of the butt is deformed and distorted from it’s beautiful shape.  Liposuction will effectively restore your natural beauty and allow you to be the shape that you are supposed to be. 

Treating the wrong areas, will significantly change the final results.  If you choose not to treat the areas surrounding the butt, your potential shapes will be limited and the results will be far less dramatic.  Simply adding fat to the butt without removing the surroundings will only make you a bigger version of what you already are.

Choose the right areas for liposuction will help you to achieve the “sacred shapes” which you already have.  The beautiful curves are already within you.  It’s our job to remove the layer of insulation and simply allow you to become the beautiful butterfly within.

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