For the four decades I’ve been on this planet, my life has been an eternal search for my purpose.  In my youth, my purpose was to play soccer and that drove every one of my decisions.  Then when I graduated college and started to be more self sufficient paying my own bills, my purpose became my profession.  Through my work I’ve found purpose in helping others to achieve their goals.  For a time I believed my purpose was to travel the world and experience different cultures.  Then I had kids and my purpose is to teach them how to survive. 

Then I had a profound awakening during a Shaman ceremony in Lima, Peru.  The experience forever changed my perspective and clarified many unknowns in my mind.  Shamans have known for 1000’s of years what science is just recently understanding.  The concept that everything is made of energy and we are “Energy Beings.”

We are beings who occupy human bodies and have been gifted the opportunity to experience the human senses.  Yes, I know this sounds crazy.  All ideas which are outside of your “normal” scope will immediately trigger the release of a hormone which gives you that sensation.  It tells you that this is different than what you have previously heard.  It’s different, yes, proceed with caution, yes, be open to anything because “You don’t know, what you don’t know.”

Take a moment and sit down and consider the following.  If you close your eyes so you can’t see.  Cover your ears so you can’t hear.  Suspend yourself from a harness floating above the ground so you can’t feel.  Plug your nose so you can’t smell.  How do you know that the world around you is still there?  If we don’t have our senses then we are unable to experience this world as we know it. 

In fact, changing or altering your senses can significantly affect your experience.  Imagine only seeing black and white.  Imagine you were blind or deaf.  It would be a completely different world to you.  This current reality you experience would cease to exist.

“You are the One” who collects all of the data from your sensors and “Creates” the image which you perceive.  The eyes collect light energy as it reflects off of the energy fields of the objects around us.  The energy is captured in the back of our eye and transmitted real time to our brain.  The brain, computes the information, compares it with our data storage/memory then creates not only the image, but it also stimulates hormones that make us feel a certain way.  Those feelings may be connected to memories.

Our sense of smell gives us the ability to inhale air through our nostrils and as the air passes over our nerves/sensors we collect information about the odor.  That data goes to our brain and is compared with our previous experiences and we recall if we recognize it or it smells like something we know.  In addition, hormones are released that make you feel a certain way and experience memories where this odor was associated.

Most people are very familiar with their five senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and touch.   The sixth sense has been somewhat elusive in western culture.  Through my studies I’ve found a deep understanding on my “Gut Feelings” or “My Intuition” or “My Spidey Sense.”  I pay attention and have trained myself to listen to what my body is saying.  It wasn’t until my encounter with Shamanism that it all started to make sense.

We all have the 6th sense, we just haven’t learned how to hone our skill to control it and use it to our advantage.  Through the other senses, the 6th sense is triggered.  The various triggers release specific hormones which elicit a certain feeling. 

For example, on a walk the other day, I encountered a dog and it began to run after me barking.  I immediately felt a tingling sensation surge through my body into all of my muscles and I moved quickly to avert danger.  So quickly, that I wasn’t even thinking, just reacting.   This is what science calls the “fight or flight response.”  My body chose to flee in that situation and at the time it seemed like the right decision.  I didn’t question it, no hesitation, only action. 

When I saw the dog running towards me and heard it barking, I was compelled to move.  I sensed danger and it triggered the adrenaline to surge through my body and force action onto me.  The only way that I was able to perceive the adrenaline was through the sensation of tingling that I felt surge through me, I was hyper aware of my surroundings and focused on only one thing.  From a scientific perspective, my heart was racing to circulate the blood where it was needed most.  Non vital functions like sex drive, digestion, and other internal organs will get reduced blood flow in order to increase ability in the muscles for action.

That’s why individuals will experience super human strength in times of traumatic experiences.  The body already knows what to do in the event of danger.  This is our 6th sense.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to experience those hormones which cause the emotion, understand the message and use that information to make better decisions.  Fear, anxiety, anger and other emotions that we experience should be viewed as “Caution Signs.”  Most people see them as “Stop Signs” and allow them to not take action.  Instead, you must see the danger and figure out how to avoid it while sill reaching your destination. 

In my dog example above, I saw the danger and became conscious of my surroundings and saw that there was a fence I could easily climb over to escape the reach of he dog.  I would also be able to continue to my desired destination.  I felt the fear, assessed the danger and found the solution.  I understood how my senses work and I used them to succeed and survive.

SO the only way for us to create this world in our mind is the use of our sensors.  Therefore, my profound revelation is that our only purpose as humans is to “Experience everything through our senses.”  This body, this life, all of our 6 senses are the gift.  The entire spectrum of experience is the gift.  Good or bad, hot or cold, loud or quiet, painful or joyous; all of the experience is the purpose.  Do everything, experience everything, appreciate everything, Love everything you do, see everything, hear everything, feel all the emotions.

“Just Be!”

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