The Plants Deliver Information For The Body

How does our body know what to do?  Most of our daily functions of life occurs on a subconscious level. We don’t have to think about making our heart pump blood to all of the organs, it just magically happens.  If you hold your breath too long, you may pass out, but your body will automatically start to breath again.Your liver and kidneys clean out your blood of toxins and you aren’t even aware it’s happening.

In fact all of the vital functions of life are not in our control.  How do we know what to do then?  DNA?  Many scientist believe that DNA holds the information that is passed on through generations.  Our body is geared towards passing on our DNA to future generations.  New studies are showing that DNA is not nearly as rigid as we may have thought in the past.  It can be influenced by lifestyle, behaviors and food. 

Just because my Dad died of stomach cancer at age 73 doesn’t mean that I will die in a similar fashion.  My dad grew up in a time when smoking was considered cool, and drinking Budweiser was like bottled water.  He rarely exercised and lived off a strict meat and potatoes diet.  He worked hard and stressed about his finances. 

Now we know that smoking and alcohol in excess will lead to accelerated aging and an early death.  By eliminating negative habits and introducing healthier lifestyle choices, the DNA will actually express itself in a different way.  It’s essentially responding to the conditions that it is exposed to.  If you create positive conditions for your DNA, you will find out the highest potential for you. 

If the body is already programmed to survive, then what can we do to create positive conditions for the optimal expression of our DNA?

Radiant energy from the sun travels to the earth and illuminates the planet providing the necessary energy to feed the plants.  Through photosynthesis or internal alchemy, the plants are able to take solar energy and convert it into chemically stored energy. Depending on the conditions in which the plants are growing, it’s DNA will be expressed and the plant will grow and develop as it was meant to be within the given conditions.  As the plant grows, it naturally produces vitamins and minerals that are drawn from the earth.

Just as we will thrive in the proper settings, plants also have optimal conditions where it will thrive.  The DNA contains instructions that are prepared for the best of times as well as surviving in the worst of times.  When some plants are exposed to cold, they automatically go into a dormant state.  Vital functions shut down, the plant stops growing and it conserves it’s energy for more optimal times.

Our bodies function in the same way.  When we create a situation which is more conducive for our body, it will thrive.  Through research and centuries of trial and error humans have manipulated the environment to create the setting where we are most comfortable.  The temperature is controlled, we are protected from the elements, and clothes are worn to protect us from sun damage. 

Through studies we’ve found the importance of eating the proper food.  We’ve known that food provides us nutrients that aids in our survival and helps our body to function.  However, in recent years, our food supply has been processed and the basic conditions of the food supply have been changed.  Chemicals have been added which cause the DNA to express itself differently.  Once the plant is harvested, we subject it to “Treatments and processing” to change it into a different form which we believe is better tasting or easier to consume.

These chemicals and processes have changed the DNA as well as the message that the DNA carries.  Because of the altered conditions, the DNA has expressed itself differently.  The altered message is then consumed by humans and absorbed or fused with our body, we become one with the plant.  It is broken down to tiny particles which contain the basic building blocks and instructions for each of our organs.  The nutrients supports the organs and guides them to function and perform at the highest level.

When our body is presented with the proper chemical conditions and the essential nutrients from the plants are present, the magic and alchemy of our body takes place.  We don’t need to think about it, our body knows what to do already.  The body of the plant is broken down and the Information, instructions and building blocks are able to do what they are supposed to do.  The plant components are merged with the cells of our body and become part of who we are.

The nutrients are absorbed much like water is absorbed in a paper towel.  It’s soaked up and becomes part of the towel.  If the conditions of the plant were optimal, then the information that transfers to our body and the appropriate instructions will guide and support our cells to do what they are supposed to do. 

In order to expand our food supply, make the plants resistant to bugs, look better and taste better; farmers and industry have been manipulating the plants we eat.  Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO’s literally change the DNA strand in order to change the gene expression.  While our intentions may have been good, the tampering of the genes have changed the message that our body is receiving.

Chemicals and pesticides also change the conditions which the plants are growing.  This will inherently change the expression of the DNA and the plant will carry the information of the chemicals. 

The plants take the energy and information from the sun, combine it with the nutrients it absorbs from the earth and produce the vegetable or fruit that we see before us.  Given the proper conditions, the plants will thrive and BE what they are supposed to be.  When we consume the plants which carry the proper information, it creates the optimal conditions for our body to thrive. 

Given the optimal conditions, our bodies will thrive.  I’ve personally experienced this in my own life.  As an endurance athlete, I run marathons as well as obstacle course races.  My body is fine tuned and performing at a very high level.  Through trial and error, I have developed a keen sense and awareness for how my body is responding to the conditions which I place it in.  By eating a clean diet, I can clearly feel the difference in my body. 

Most people are functioning at a low level due to the food they eat.  They feel tired and weighted down after eating.  Instead of being full of energy, they feel like sleeping.  Because they always feel this way, to them low function is a normal.  The instructions their body is receiving has been altered and it affects the body negatively.

Continuing down the food chain only dilutes the nutrients and information from the plants.  When animals consume the plant, it becomes part of that animal.  It is then influenced by the conditions of that animal.  The DNA will be expressed depending on the conditions the animal was exposed to.  Much like us, if we are placed in bad conditions, our body and expression of our genes will be altered.

When we eat the meat of these animals, we are consuming the “Knowledge of plants”, but it’s second hand, since it has been processed through the animal.  In many cases, the animals have been fed highly processed and chemically treated plants as their food.  Then the animal is also given hormones and antibiotics which change their gene expression.

From this perspective one can clearly see how the conditions we created for our food supply have changed the information that our body receives from the food.  Either the plant directly or second hand through meat, the instructions that plants offer have been altered and we are seeing the consequences through medical problems, disease, lethargy and overall lack of performance.

What choices will you make?  Become conscious of the foods you consume and the conditions that you create for your body. 

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