The area to be treated will be numbed using the tumescent technique similar to that used with liposuction. Once the area has been properly numbed the laser will be passed under the skin (most people feel nothing during this process).  The area will be heated by the laser to promote skin tightening and collagen growth.  In addition, the laser will help to break up tough fibrous tissue for easier fat removal. Blood vessels are also coagulated at this time which will reduce bleeding during the procedure, in addition to reduced bruising after. If there is an issue with cellulite, the laser has the capacity to help break up the fibers that cause the dimples. Once the laser process is complete we will move on to the liposuction procedure.

The results of the laser are not obvious immediately. Since the skin is loose immediately after the procedure you will not see the benefit until after healing. Because the fat was removed and the skin is essentially detached from the under layer, the skin may be very loose after the procedure. The results of the laser are optimal after about 6 months.