The Smartlipo laser-assisted lipolysis systems are highly efficacious for disrupting fat cells and tissue tightening through coagulation as part of a liposuction procedure.

Given the cannula’s small size and gentleness of the procedure, SmartLipo laser-assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive treatment that only requires local anesthesia—enhancing client safety and reducing the likelihood of side effects.

A laser fiber is introduced through a small cannula, delivering energy directly to subcutaneous fat cells-to disrupt them. The emitted energy also coagulates tissue, thus inducing collagen retraction and tissue tightening.

  • The SmartLipo laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately—resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising, for faster healing and recovery.
  • SmartLipo supplements or augments liposuction treatment.
  • Typically, only one short treatment session is needed.

1064nm Smartlipo Wavelength: hemostasis in the blood vessels for less bleeding and bruising

Hemoglobin has a high absorption at the laser’s 1064-nm Nd:YAG wavelength. The pulsed structure of the Smartlipo at 1064-nm wavelength also provides high peak-power, which increases the efficiency of blood vessel coagulation. These two properties of the 1064-nm wavelength are designed to coagulate blood vessels during the laser Blend 1064 nm. This produces a uniform thermal profile for superior tissue coagulation with tightening.

I feel much more confident wearing a sleeveless dress” ~ Anna B.

SmartLipo laser-assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The procedure disrupts the fat cells through a thermal and photo disruptive action. The laser coagulates the underlying blood vessels resulting in less bleeding, bruising, trauma as well as less down time compared to liposuction alone.