How we get our energy from the sun or The Alchemy of converting energy to life

The search for universal truths is a winding treacherous path filled with uncertainty, surprises and things that simply blow your mind. I learn from every experience in my life and as I find answers, there are always many more questions which guide me down a different path. I seek to understand “Why and How” through a relentless curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

Yoga has been a big part of my daily routine for the past 6 years and has helped me to better understand my body and push my limits of physical activity. Through yoga I was introduced to “the energy” and how it flows through your body. I liked the idea so I was hungry to find more information to give me a better understanding of what the energy is and why it is so important to my growth.

Among other things, my journey to find the answers took me Lima Peru, where I met Omar, the Peruvian Shaman. He appeared to be just like any other Peruvian man. He was in his late 30’s, medium build, shaved head and casually dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. Omar didn’t speak english but I had a translator to help me to understand his teachings.

Shamans are the masters of energy and possess the ability to communicate with the spirit or non physical world and heal in the physical world. There is a basic concept that you must accept to understand the ideas of the Shaman ways. “All things are made of energy.” Coincidently, science and quantum physics have also come to the same conclusion.

The smallest molecule the we know of is the atom, which consists of a positive and negative electron and is 99.9999% empty space. These are the building blocks for all matter in our world. They are positioned differently which gives different qualities like water or solid matter like rock. Despite the perception we get that a rock is hard, this information is telling us that the rock is 99.9999% empty space.

So… Why is it hard?

This is where it gets a little tricky. Allow me to digress. We are energy beings. We only understand energy and the information that flows through the energy. That being said, when we “taste” something, what is really happening is the food in our mouth is being sensed from our taste buds. That info is converted to an electrical impulse, then sent immediately to our brain. There, our brain compares it to our previous experiences and tells us what it is or what we have tasted previously that is similar.

Similarly, when we touch a rock and perceive it as hard, that information is converted to energy and sent to our brain. Essentially we are merely sensing the electrical field of the object and collecting as much information as possible. For example, we will feel the texture of the rock, use our eyes to see all the small details and look at the color. One may smell for any odors or maybe knock on it with your knuckles. Perhaps you try to lift it to gage the weight. All of that information is converted to energy and sent to our brain, where we quickly create an image in detail of what our sensors are perceiving.

Words are energy that is captured by our ears and converted. Feeling and emotions are energy in the form of hormones which trigger the electrical impulses. When you are scared and you experience the “Fight or flight” rush of adrenaline which is a hormone, the only way you perceive this is if the information is converted to energy and sent to your brain.

The truth is, you already control your energy through “free will.” “You” the energy being, are the one who takes all of the information our sensors collect and make decisions to take actions.
Ok, so if I have complete control of my actions, then why do I keep getting these crazy thoughts, urges and cravings?

We are collecting information from everything. In order to not get overwhelmed, we automatically “delete” and omit most of the information and focus on what we believe to be most important or serves us best. The information comes from the “inhabitants of our body” such as the trillions of bacteria and viruses in our gut, as well as the cells of our body and organs. They release hormone and other biochemicals which send information to the brain for interpretation.

For example, there are certain types of bacteria and yeast located in our gut, which thrive on sugar and need it to survive. The natural instinct of all organisms is to survive, so they are essentially screaming for help to survive and release this energy which the individual perceives as a craving for sweets. Some people have such a large colony of this bacteria that the urges can be overwhelming.

Most people actually think that the craving is “There craving” and they say they have a “sweet tooth.” This information allows them to continue making the decision to eat sweets. They are rewarded with a happy feeling as the bacteria is thriving and very happy it will continue and survive.

The host or “you” is merely interpreting the energy or information that is collected from the chemical released by the bacteria. That data is sent to the brain in an electrical impulse fired through the nerves or electrical system of the body. When the individual gets this information, they are then the one who chooses to take action…or are they?

Most people are not aware that they are being influenced by these tiny little bacteria, they only feel the urge or craving for something sweet. Since they have already told themselves that they have a sweet tooth, then the decision naturally is made to indulge in the sugar. So did you make the decision or did the bacteria make the decision????

When you can become more conscious “You Are The One” who is sensing the things around you, in order to collect enough information or energy from your surrounding to make the decision. In order to allow us to “Paint a picture,” our brain will fill in the gaps wherever we are missing information. This happens on the subconscious level without even thinking. Essentially we make assumptions even though they may not be true. This is important because it allows us to make quick decisions.

You do have “Free Will” and you are able to consciously make decisions instead of succumbing to the chemical influences that your body produces through hormones and biochemical data.

Choose to make healthy decisions
Choose take responsibility for your actions
Choose to love yourself
Choose smile and be happy
Choose to focus on whatever you want, for as long as you want
Choose not to procrastinate
Choose to take action on your own desires.

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