Brittany’s Story in Her Words

My name is Brittany Rodgers. I am 26 years old in every other year I share my birthday with the NFL for Super Bowl. Yes, you guessed it my birthday is February 5 and let me tell you I hold true to my Aquarius sign. Meaning I am a people person and I love playing a part in transforming and making people feel good. I’m a make up artist and extension Specialist so I play a major part of people’s lives.

I mean come on I get to play in make up all day and meet lots of interesting people. Talk about amazing, I get to play dress-up and get paid for it and it comes with lots of perks. One of the perks I enjoy the most is being able to travel in and out of state with a photographer. I’ve been working with steadily for four years and here is where my story begins.

Growing up I’ve always been small I mean I’m only 5 feet even and I was awkwardly a nerd. I wore glasses and clothes out of the children’s section of a department store up until my sophomore year in high school. I was a size 7 coming out of high school. By the age of 20 I was in a bad place in my life because I was in a relationship with a compulsive cheater and I ate all my problems away. I didn’t realizing it would result in weight gain that I could not get rid of. I hated to look at my body. I wanted my cheating ex to want me and my emotions carried me away along with my perky attitude I possessed.

Finding the strength I mustered up enough courage to say the hell with him and the best revenge I felt was to lose the weight. So by the age of 21 I drop from a size 16 to a 9/10 with the help of Phentermine and the Beyoncé lemonade diet. If you don’t know what that is its basically cayenne pepper, lots of lemons and starving yourself basically to death. It was a small cost to pay to get my body back but I did exactly that. No one told me nor warned me that if I were to ever stop taking the pills that I would gain all my weight back if not more.

So back in another relationship and gaining happy weight I put on more pounds than before and my body shape was horrible. I looked like SpongeBob Square pants. I had no butt, all stomach, and wide shoulders and back. Let me tell you, it was worse. So to help me out my boyfriend and I made a pact to work out and to eat healthier. It worked for 4-5 months and I saw a great deal of change in my body.

So in 2012 I wanted to do more for my body than just lose the weight. So I looked into all types of plastic surgery and I settle with either a BBL, liposuction, breast reduction, or a tummy tuck. While I was researching all this crazy stuff I ran across My Shape Lipo and I found out that the pricing and everything was amazing. I watch all of their YouTube videos and joined real self to see others stories and photos. I was instantly addicted.

But life happened and I spent the money I saved up on my little brother, who I was helping take care of at the time. By the time I took care of those responsibilities I was broke and discouraged from working out. I broke my toes and hadn’t healed very well. Once again another year flew by and still wasn’t happy.

I got in front of the camera to model and for a while it motivated me to go back to the gym but something was off because I’ll go so hard for a while then fall back into a cycle of laziness and eating all types of stuff. So the gym was a faded memory. Until I noticed my bank statement every month that I have kept the membership just in case I felt the urge to work out. They must have loved me because I paid them for 3 years and maybe only went one yr off and on.

The cycle of I love my body to I hate my body was one twisted roller coaster. One moment I’ll except who I was and say this is me, but when the clothes numbers kept going up and I reached a size 18 I knew it had to stop. I once shopped at at a store that couldn’t cater to me anymore because I was too big. I knew I had a real problem I needed to face.

Not only was my weight a problem but I was also carrying the weight of all the bad things that have happened to me in life and food was how I dealt with those problems.

This year, (2016) has been a year of triumph for me bc I decided to heal my mind and body from the inside out. I wanted to cleanse every bad experience from my life, and get it out of my mind. I went on a real spiritual journey. I was listening to all types of self help videos, motivational speakers, and really learning to listen to God and the plan he has for me.

So one of the motivational speakers said something about a vision board and ever since I heard it everyone I would talk to would mention a vision board, so right then and there I knew it was a sign so I created one for every single aspect of my life and that included my body. Call me weird but I was growing tired of seeing all these models with great bodies. So I cut out every body type I admired and sent off another email to MyShape Lipo and prayed long and hard. I had a plan to save as much as I could so I could have Trevor sculpt me a body. But God had something else in store for me.

I begin to eat better exercise more bc just moving around or walking fast or even walking up my stairs had become such a hard task for me. My body felt really uncomfortable and my inside body was saying please release me from under here please Brittany, so I’ve kept at it. This procedure means so much to me because I want my body to reflect my mind my attitude.

Growing up I had low self esteem and now that I’m older I still have self image issues. I’m doing the best that I know how to make myself into the woman that I know I can be. I don’t want to give up on any of my dreams and I want to be happy to accomplish them. Everything that I said that I have wanted to do this year God has made it possible.

I want to continue to model and be a radio personality and I got to be a guest host a couple of times on air. I also do celebrity hair and I’m doing models and comedians hair as well. I’m so overjoyed to have this opportunity because I put so many people before me that for once no matter what people say I’m doing this for my own satisfaction.

I know that things are only going to continue to get better and motivated me. There is no going back for me, I’m changing my life forever. I would be damn to get this amazing gift and not take care of myself. I know I have people that I encourage that are watching me and I want to help others figure out their happiness too. I want to have an impact while the world is watch. So I’m going to document my whole experience and journey because people need to know that it’ll help change their life now and they don’t need to await.

Yes I am young and have no kids but I’ve experienced a lot and I’m ready to start living. Thank you so much Trevor and the whole MyShape Lipo team for even considering me. You’re truly angels sent my way.