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Fat Transfer to the Breasts and Buttocks

Fat Transfer also know as autologous fat transfer, fat grafting, stem cell breast augmentation or stem cell buttocks augmentation, refers to the removal of  adipose or fat cells along with stem cells from one part of your body and moving them to another part of your body.  This process will remove a volume from one area where you have excess fat and put it back into an area where you are lacking fat, ie. buttocks or breasts.  In many cases this procedure can replace the need for breast or buttocks implants.

The fat transfer procedure is an alternative to traditional breast augmentation or buttocks implants.  The fat injections can make a natural enhancement to the breast or the butt.  In most cases the breast implant costs are significantly higher than the fat transfer breastaugmentation.


Fat transfer to the butt is likely significantly more affordable than buttocks implants.

The fat cells along with stem cells (these are the cells that contain information that tells your body how to grow the fat cells) will be placed in the desired area.  These cells are essentially planted in the area and will need nutrients from your body to grow.  To get the nutrients, your body will produce new blood vessels to feed those cells.  This whole process takes time, and along the way, some of those cells will not get enough nutrients and they will not survive.  But the strong will survive and flourish.  Studies have shown that anywhere from 50-60% of the cells transferred will survive.  Having more fat cells in a given area will increase the likelihood of gaining mass in that area first if you gain weight, and reduce the loss when you lose weight.  Your body will gain weight where the fat cells are present, so if you have more fat cells, you should notice more of an enlargement in that area.  Although there is no hard data on the subject, most believe that the results of fat transfer will be permanent.


The results are very natural looking since it is your own fat.  You will simply have more volume and will fill in your bra much better.  In most cases, you can expect to increase about one bra size.  With the butt, most people are simply looking to fill their pants better, which can be accomplished with fat transfer to the butt.

The recovery is not very painful.  For the first 2 weeks you will want to keep pressure off the treated area.  So if you have your butt treated, this means no sitting or sleeping on your backside.  This can be a challenge, but there are some tricks to making it a little easier.  The area treated will usually get very hard initially since there is an increased volume in the area.  Your bodies natural reaction will be to swell, so you may actually get larger initially.  The pain is usually minimal throughout the recovery.  Over the first few weeks, the swelling will come down and a portion of the fat cells will not survive, so you will get somewhat smaller that the initial size immediately after the procedure.

Cost: The fees for fat transfer include the process of preparing the fat cells after removal and injection to the chosen area.  We charge for transfer to the breast or the butt separately. Click here to view our prices.

Advantages:  The advantages of fat transfer over traditional implants are many.  First, the scars from this procedure are so small and hidden that you likelywill not see them at all.  Second, the results are much more natural in appearance since it is your own fat.  You will not have the obvious “plastic” look that most get with implants.  Third, the whole procedure can be done under local anesthesia which eliminates all of the risks of general anesthesia.  Also, the recovery is much easier than that of getting implants.  Another advantage is that since the fat is your own, the results last forever and there are less complications than implants.  Finally and most importantly, fat transfer is much cheaper than getting implants.  In fact, you can get liposuction on your trouble areas and get the fat transferred to your breast or butt for about the same cost as implants!!  Get MORE for your money.

Disadvantages:  There are a few disadvantages.  When the fat is transferred it is kind of like planting seeds.  The tiny fat cells including stem cells will be placed in the area desired, but then it is up to your body to accept them, create a blood supply and grow the cells.  It is expected that about 50-60% of the fat transferred will actually survive.  For this reason, a larger volume will be transferred expecting that some will not survive.  The problem is that no one can predict how much will survive, which makes the outcome somewhat unpredictable.  You also will need to keep pressure off the treated area for at least the first 2 weeks.  This can be difficult with the buttocks, since you should not sit on your backside.  There are some tricks that we can show you to make this a little easier.

The Liposuction Specialist will only do fat transfer to one area per appointment (either the buttocks or the breast). If you wish to have fat transfer to both the buttocks and the breast, it is recommended to wait at least 2 months between fat transfer procedures. For more details on getting a complimentary consultation, click here.

Fat Transfer Procedure

The fat transfer, fat grafting, autologous fat grafting, natural breast augmentation, brazilian butt lift procedures are all relatively new procedures. All are referring to the moving of fat cells from one part of the body where there is excess fat and transferring them to an area of deficiency of fat cells, i.e. breasts and buttocks or youthfully enhancing an area such as the hands or face. Since the procedure is fairly new, there is not a whole lot of data and studies to document long term results. In studies of patients that are 6-8 years after fat transfer, the fat appears to be stable and permanent without any significant complications or side effects.

Before the Fat Transfer Procedure

Before fat transfer to the butt or the breasts it’s recommended to put on weight and eat a high carbohydrate diet for 2 weeks prior to the procedure. The thought behind this practice is to get your body to start storing fat and creating a welcoming environment for the fat graft. The hope is that your body will be better equipped to increase the fat stores at the time of the procedure and a higher percentage of fat will actually survive. The purpose of the fat transfer procedure is to increase the volume of fat in the area treated.

The optimal site for fat transfer is one in which the skin is somewhat loose to allow for a larger volume of fat transferred. For this reason, it may be beneficial to perform massages to the breasts or buttocks area to break up fibrous connective tissue that may be present. Massaging may help to loosen the skin and connective tissue in the area which may create more space to transfer the fat. Not only can this help to create more space, but it may benefit in the reduction of pressure on the fat that is transferred as well.

These simple recommendations can improve your chance of better results although there is no scientific data currently supporting.

Recovery After the Fat Transfer Procedure

Recovery after fat transfer surgery is usually not very difficult.  Immediately following the procedure the area will be numb from the local anesthetic.  It will also be quite swollen.  Normally extra fat is injected to the area in expectation that up to 50% of the fat will not survive.  The treated area will be sore and swollen for the first few days.  It’s very important to keep pressure off the buttocks or the breasts as much as possible for the first 2 weeks.  The swelling will start to decrease after 1-2 weeks and the area will begin to get smaller.  It is recommended to eat a high carbohydrate diet after fat transfer.  Fat burning exercise is not recommended for 2 months following the procedure.

For the Fat Transfer to the Hands, the recovery is quite simple.  There is very little pain.  You will have some swelling, bruising and stiffness for the first 10-14 days.  It is recommended to reduce the activities in the first few weeks that you would require your hands.  Increased activity will decrease the amount of fat that survives.

With Fat Transfers to the Face, following the procedure you will be swollen and potentially bruised for approximately 10-15 days.  In this time period you may not feel comfortable in crowds or public places.  There is not a significant amount of pain, but with the swelling, you probably won’t feel entirely comfortable.  This should not inhibit one from performing their job if they don’t mind people seeing them with a swollen face.

Fat Transfer to Breasts

  • Wear fitted, but not tight bra
  • Avoid excessive pressure from lying on breasts
  • Avoid excessive fat burning exercises for 2 months.
  • Eat high carbohydrate diet for 2 months following procedure

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

  • Avoid direct pressure to the buttocks area for 2 weeks following procedure. This means no sitting, no sleeping on back, no tight clothing or undergarments.
  • Do sleep on your side or stomach for 2 weeks.
  • Do wear loose fitting clothes for 2 weeks.
  • Do not sit directly on buttocks, but you can use the specialty pillow which we sell, or fold up blanket or towel and place under your thighs to offload direct pressure from your butt to your thighs.
  • Avoid excessive fat burning exercises for 2 months.
  • Eat high carbohydrate diet for 2 months following procedure

After your fat transfer procedure, your body will try to create a new blood supply to feed the new fat cells and help them to flourish.  In order to do this it’s important to keep pressure off of the treated area to allow for maximum blood flow.  Also to create a conducive environment for the growth of fat, it is recommended to eat a high carbohydrate diet  for 2-4 weeks following the fat transfer.  To ensure that you don’t burn off any additional fat, it’s recommended to avoid fat burning exercises for the first 2 months.

If you wish to have fat transfer to both the buttocks and the breast, it is recommended to wait at least 2 months between fat transfer procedures.  Additional fat transfers to face and hands will not be an issue.

Fat Transfer Prices

Buttocks: $3000 33% OFF $2000, plus liposuction costs
Breasts: $3000  33% OFF  $2000, plus liposuction costs
Face: $3000  33% OFF  $2000
Hands: $3000  33% OFF  $2000

Face and Hands: $6000 50% OFF $3000


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