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Limitations of Fat Transfer to the Buttocks or Breasts

Fat transfer to the butt and the breast is a very exciting procedure that is sweeping the nation and becoming more popular everyday.  While there have been some very exciting results, there are limitations that one should be aware of prior to proceeding with fat transfer.  Those that are realistic of their expectations, aware of the limitations, and follow pre-op and post-op instructions tend to be much happier with their results following fat transfer to the butt and breasts.

The Liposculpture Specialist will only do fat transfer to one area per appointment (either the buttocks or the breast). If you wish to have fat transfer to both the buttocks and the breast, it is recommended to wait at least 2 months between fat transfer procedures.

Considerations Regarding Fat Transfer

  • You must have fat stores in order to harvest fat graft and transfer.
  • Tighter skin can limit the amount the area will expand and limits the space in which fat can be transferred.
  • Trying to “over stuff” the area with fat in a single procedure will reduce the amount of fat that survives and reduce the final volume.
  • Excessive pressure of the breasts or butt 2 weeks following fat transfer will decrease the amount of fat that survives.
  • The volume increase with fat transfer to the butt or breasts is on average a 25-35% increase in volume and size.
  • Studies have shown that nearly 50-60% of the fat cells transferred survive.
  • Excessive fat burning exercises 2 months following the fat transfer procedure may decrease the final volume.


Potential Complications

  • Infection occurs in about <1% of procedures and may require further treatment.
  • It’s possible to over inject or under inject fat into the given area.
  • It’s possible the results will heal uneven as more fat may survive on one side. (uncommon)
  • It’s possible to have less than 50% fat survival although studies showed an average of 50-60% survival rate.
  • Calcific deposits may form in the breasts or buttocks.
  • “Oil cysts” may form from residual cellular debris.


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