Fat Transfer

The fat transfer, fat grafting, autologous fat grafting, Natural Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift procedures are all relatively new procedures. All are referring to the moving of fat cells from one part of the body where there is excess fat and transferring them to an area of deficiency of fat cells, i.e. breasts and buttocks or youthfully enhancing an area such as the hands or face. In studies of patients that are 6-8 years after fat transfer, the fat appears to be stable and permanent without any significant complications or side effects.  For more in depth information, please read Fat Transfer: What to Expect.

The fat transfer has continued to gain popularity as there are more and more happy patients. This procedure offers safer, more natural results with no visible scars. If you are looking for a noticeable enlargement that looks and feels natural, then this is great option. Implants come with a host of potential problems. It is recommended to have implants revised every 10 years, so many individuals may be required to have many more surgeries over their life. Each time you have surgery, there is more cost and more potential complications. With fat transfer, this is a one time procedure and the results are said to permanent after 6 months, based on studies.

Areas of Fat Transfer include:


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