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Financing Your Procedure

With our low prices and flexible liposuction financing options liposculpture is possible for nearly everyone. With low monthly payment options, you can obtain your “shape” without financial strain.  MyShape Lipo is “Making Liposuction Affordable.”

Financing Options

Option 1:   
Third Party Financing:  Med Loan Financing and Advance Care are third party financing companies that works with a number of lenders to finance you for your procedure.  The process is quite simple.  All you need to do is go to their website: or and fill out the online application.  You can be approved within 3 days and funded in 7-10 days.  MedLoan Finance is a good option for people with even poor credit.  Please call if you have any problems.




Advanced Care has financing interest-free options available for many patients (typically those with good credit). Click on the link below to find out more and apply for financing.

Advance Care Card - Apply Today!

Option 2

Payment Plan:
  With our payment plan, you may put your $500 deposit down to lock in current pricing and save a date in the future for your procedure.  Then we can set up a custom tailored payment plan in which you can make payments as often as every 2 weeks. You then have up to 9 months to have your procedure.  When you have paid in full, then you may have your procedure completed.  There is a non refundable processing fee of $150 to manage your account and if you cancel prior to your procedure, $250 of your deposit will be forfeited.  To get this started please call our office or click here to email us any questions.

Payment options: We accept:

Credit Cards:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Due to fraud, we may ask for verification with use of credit cards.

Check:  Cashiers checks and money orders.  These may be used the day of the procedure if you wish.

Cash:  May be used the day of the procedure.

*Personal checks and business checks are NOT ACCEPTED.  Due to fraud, we no longer accept personal checks.

We collect payment in full for your balance due 7 days or more before your procedure date. Prior arrangements can be made if you wish to pay with a cashiers check, money order or cash the day of your procedure. We do not carry change in the office, so if you wish to pay with cash, please have the exact amount due. The initial $500 deposit is required to schedule an appointment time and date.

Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary, please consult with specialist before making important medical decisions, this website does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such content and materials.  Results are dependent on the individuals own unique bodily limitations.  A consultation is recommended in order to provide individual expectations.


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