What is cellulite?

The term cellulite describes fat deposited in pockets close to the skin surface, commonly focused around the thighs, buttocks and hips. These pockets are separated by strands of collagen fibers. The break-down of these strands combined with accumulation of subcutaneous fat, cause the fat cells to bulge out, creating the famous dimpled look of cellulite. Cellulite is influenced by many factors such as aging and poor blood circulation, contributing to the weakening of collagen fiber and causing the orange peel-like appearance of the skin surface. An effective cellulite reduction treatment will increase collagen production, reduce subcutaneous fat mass and improve dermal blood circulation.

Non-Invasive Cellulite Reduction

Venus Concept has developed (MP)² – an innovative technology for non-invasive treatments with proven clinical results. This patented technology combines a matrix of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) along with magnetic pulses that work in synergy to effectively reduce cellulite.

How it works

(MP)² generates a magnetic field that induces the release of growth factors required for the proliferation of dermal fibroblast, as well as for the sprouting of new blood vessels. In addition, the RF component of (MP)² increases collagen and elastin synthesis through controlled thermal damage mechanism, and triggers enzyme mediated lipolysis. These effects lead to decreased subcutaneous fat mass, improved blood circulation and stabilization of collagen strands, resulting in cellulite reduction.

(MP)² brings you the power of clinically proven, medical grade Magnetic Pulse Technology with the unique Multi Polar RF, enabling practitioners to offer clients a safe, pleasant and effective cellulite reduction treatment with excellent results.

Minimally Invasive Cellulite Reduction

Laser Cellulite Reduction – Simple Treatment, Dramatic Results

Attack Cellulite At Its Source

Are you tired of covering up your cellulite ridden thighs? The unfortunate truth is, cellulite is caused by things that are simply out of your control. As you can see in the graphic above, the cause of cellulite is not necessarily fat, but rather the stiff connective tissue fibers that pull down on the skin. Diet and exercise do not address the cause of cellulite and will likely yield minimal results because of this. Women of any size can fall victim to this problem, no one is immune. If you have tried cellulite creams, cellulite gel, cellulite exercises and still have not figured out how to remove cellulite, then you are not alone. Even the best cellulite cream is unlikely to make any noticeable difference. Celebrities with cellulite are now looking for a permanent cellulite reduction with laser cellulite treatments. Maybe it’s time for you to say “goodbye cellulite.”

Laser Cellulite Treatments

You already know that simple creams and lotions won’t make the cellulite go away. If you want to make a significant and permanent change to your cellulite, then you should consider the laser cellulite treatment. This treatment attacks cellulite at it’s root cause, the connective tissue fibers. With the use of a YAG Laser and specialized instruments, our specialist can reduce cellulite permanently. With a single treatment, Laser Cellulite Treatments can significantly and permanently reduce the appearance of cellulite in the treated area.

What You Can Expect

Your specialist will mark the area to be treated. After local numbing, tiny 2mm punctures are made in the area to be treated. Numbing solution is then spread throughout the area and a micro instrument with a laser fiber is passed under the skin. The specialist will use this instrument to:

  • Release the fibers that cause dimples
  • Melt fat to level out bumps
  • Stimulate production of collagen for tighter skin
  • Increase skins depth for thicker smoother skin

Liquified fat and excess fluids will then be pushed out and a compression garment is applied.

** This treatment tends to work better on areas of deeper isolated dimples. If you have small widespread dimples, then treatment with the Venus Legacy would be more effective and less expensive.

How does the Laser Cellulite Treatment Work?

As you age, hormones, genetics and dramatic weight change can play a role in the appearance of cellulite. The previously mentioned factors can potentially cause the tiny bands of connective tissue under the skin to get stiff. When surrounding fat cells become larger, the stiff connective tissue can pull down on the skin and cause a dimple. As your skin gets thinner the appearance of cellulite becomes more obvious. With age this will continue to get worse and becomes more of the “cottage cheese” look that most women hate with a passion. Unfortunately, you can not control these factors no matter how many hours you spend on that treadmill or how many desserts you skip. Now you can choose a solution to your cellulite problem.

Benefits of Laser Cellulite Procedure

  • Reduce cellulite
  • Melt fat pockets
  • Tighten and improve skin tone

The Laser Cellulite treatment attacks cellulite at the cause. The specialized micro-instruments are used to physically release the stiff fibers that are causing dimples. In addition, the laser is used to melt the pockets of fat while it thickens and tightens the skin. Leaving the skin thicker, smoother, tighter and healthier looking, all in an hour to an hour and a half!