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Letters, Part 1

Why I Want Liposuction, Letters to MyShape Lipo

These are real letters from people that want liposuction. They are in reference to why they want Lipo and how it will change their life. We hear some interesting stories from all walks of life. Below are a few that people have written for us, enjoy!

From Luis
Okay so I’m 16 and you guessed it overweight, and i have been since 4th grade. I tried everything from workouts, diets, controlling my eating habits, and everything but I just can’t lose weight. I was destined to be overweight its in my genetics. I’m just tiered of people making it seen like I’m a slob when I’m not! My aunt use to weigh 386 lbs but she got a gastric bypass and now weighs 200 lbs I know it’s a serious thing but I’m just tiered of everyone calling names like cow, fat bitch, and other things even my family makes fun of me. I’ve been told I’m going to die IM JUST SICK OF IT!!!! I just want it to hake me happy. I know ill never be able to afford something like liposuction so when I saw that I could get 3 areas for free I nearly cried. So this is my story I hope I win.

Why I would like liposuction?! From Therese D.
When I was growing up I was always thin. Perfect size 8. However, several event in the course of my life have been forever altered. It started at age 26 with the death of my grandmother and a 18 year battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Then at age 27 several thing happened, My father committed suicide and my grand father died . However it didn’t end there, we had 6 more deaths in our family within the next 2 years. My life was horrible. I was trying to cope with the how and why’s of suicide, a horrible case of survivors guilt and raising 3 small kids. I fell apart. The stress was eating me alive. So was the guilt. It’s amazing how you can let something eat you alive, even when you know your not at fault. It’s the what ifs, and could I have done anything to change it that weigh you to the floor. It took me a long time to realize that I was angry with myself. I remember waking up one morning and screaming at the mirror, not because of my body, but because I felt so mad and I needed to release it. I yelled at that mirror for over an hour. Anything and everything that was bothering me. Thank goodness no one was home. I probably would have ended up in a straight jacket. However, at the end of my rant, I felt such a great relief because, the person I was really angry with, was myself. Despite what anyone else says, the swords that hurt the most are the one you stick yourself with. I was finally healing, trying to be the mother I once was before. Christmas was still hard, no dad and a huge void. I remember walking past a giving tree feeling sorry for myself, missing my father horribly. Suddenly I had an idea. I could turn this grief into something special for my dad. I grabbed a couple of names off the tree, bought the toys and donated them in my dads name. This has become my Christmas tradition for the last 12 years. Then it blossomed again a few years later at about the 6th anniversary of my fathers death and we started sponsoring a random needy family. The only thing that we asked was that at some point they pay it forward in their life, Even if it was through charity work. Everyone needs a little faith and god can’t do it all. Help from a stranger is sometimes all we need to show us god works in mysterious ways. I’ve never forgot all the people that held their arms out to me when I was at my weakness. Thus the Greg Jones toy fund was born. I looked in the mirror again one morning and finally realized that I could love myself again. I just don’t recognize the face I see anymore. And though I could and do love myself the way I am, I would love for my family and friends and especially my kids to see the Mom, friend, wife and daughter I use to be. Two of my children are graduating this year, one from college and one from high school. I would love those pictures to be the real me, the me I remember and a me my kids always deserved to have. I would like to have a family picture that doesn’t remind me of the pain that made me this way. I just made the big 40 this past October, and looking back over the last 14 years, I wish I could change the event that caused the Chaos, but I wouldn’t change the impact on my life for anything. Through all of this, I learned compassion, love, faith, strength , the importance of a real friend, and even how to love myself even at 210 and 5’10. Thanks, Therese D.

From Maureen C.
I’ve lost 102 lbs. I’ve also had two children, a C-section, and emergency surgery done for removal of an ovarian cyst. I have loose skin and scar tissue. I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve the results I want with exercise alone. I’m 5’5. I weigh 133. I’m a size 6. I do Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers suggest the minimum weight for my height 120. Do I strive to lose another 10-15 lbs? When do I give up and go for the surgery. I wonder if liposuction or a tummy tuck is my best option. I don’t know if I can afford it.I work out every day for at least 30 minutes, but there are still some areas of my body that I can’t get rid of. My back is one of those areas, along with my belly and arms. I would love this opportunity to finally look the way I want for the first time in my life.

From Chrissy Y.
I have over came many things in life. I has in an abusive relationship that made me loose all kinds of self confidence. He made me feel like the ugliest person alive that added on to me over eating. He tried to control every thing in my life. Every time I would start going to school to better my life he would find everything possible in his power to stop me from bettering myself. I finally got the courage to leave that relationship. I am very proud of myself.

From LaVaughn J.
I am a cancer survivor.I was diagnosed when i was 15 but was never given the chance to have control of my body and all the treatments and illness left me much larger than i was before i got thyroid cancer.i would like to be able to graduate college with the body i never was able to have thanks to cancer and ask for your help in making this dream come true. If i were given the ability i would have my full thighs done and my bra area because these areas and their weight gain have affected my ability to run.

From Sarah N.
I have overcome many things in life. I was in an abusive relationship that made me lose all kinds of self-confidence. He made me feel like the ugliest person alive that added on to me over eating. I finally got the courage to leave that relationship. I am pursing my dreams and goals. Recently, I have found a man who loves me for me but talks about my weight in a since of humor way. I have tried everything possible to lose weight. I want this to give me a fresh start with the new life.


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