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Denise’s Journal

Journal for Denise Procedure April 18′ 2012

April 18′ 2012
Went in for procedure for lipo on my outer thighs, inner thighs, hips and buttocks….was nervous but excited….my blood pressure was taken, elevated of course, but to be expected, since I was nervous, but I was made comfortable through out the process…being weighed, measured, pictures taken….I became less nervous…Trevor my Pa who was going to do the procedure, came in marked the areas and answered all my questions. During the procedure, Trevor and I talked through out and I was not in any pain…if I needed more numbing..I was able to advise…which was minimal….seeing the fat removed was awesome. After my procedure, I had lots of drainage and I was sore, especially my buttocks. I immediately took some pain medication which helped.
April 19, 2012
Went to work, was sore, like a major workout, had some drainage, my right outer thigh and left inner thigh, I only took. Motrin for pain, which is all I needed….people at work noticed right away that I had something done. When I told them I had lipo and I did it the day before, they were amazed and thought I was crazy to go to work the next day. I felt good, just a little sore, not something I couldn’t handle. Everyone at work wanted to know where I went and said I looked amazing…
April 20. 2012
Got up in the. Morning, still sore, but manageable, was quite bruised, my outer thighs, and. my buttocks…my soreness was from the bruising, which I was told would happen..I found it uncomfortable to get in my pickup truck, but Motrin helped me with the soreness. My drainage was almost gone, some drainage on my right outer thigh, no drainage my inner thigh, I was almost done with drainage. Working that day, I felt. More comfortable and was able to sit better…the day before, my buttocks were very tender like I did 200 crunches.
April 21, 2012
Last day of work,got up in the morning and was less sore, and getting in my truck a lot easier and no drainage….kept the pads in my compression garment, just in case, but after 6 hours of working took them out….they kept sliding down my legs…they had to go…I continued to take Motrin, for the soreness, which was from the bruising.
April 22, 2012
Got up in the Morning and decided to weigh myself, I was 6 Pounds lighter….I looked so small! I no longer had a shelf, my thighs so small, and my hips…wow…I could not believe how great I looked…all week, I was told I looked great, I thought the compression garment was just sucking. me in…not the case…I was Looking great. Took Motrin only during the day and walked my dogs two hours….felt great.
April 23, 2012…5 days Post Op
….feeling amazing, less sore and the bruises are turning yellow…so things are looking great…took my dogs out for our long walk, did some errands, and am able to my normal activities with little discomfort.
April 24, 2012
Checked my weight, gained two pounds, but I have some swelling. So I expected this. I was told that this could happen in my discharge instructions..but I sure looked great, so the scale was not my enemy. Kept the compression garment on as instructed to help with the swelling and for contouring.
April 25, 2012
Felt great when I got up, I wasn’t sore, the bruises were fading on my outer thighs, and my. Buttocks has less bruising too…I did my normal activity, walked two hours and felt super.
April 25, 2012…8 days Post Op
…went to work, told I looked smaller than the week before…more people want to know where I went…who did it, I am happy to share.
April 26, 2012
Weighed myself in the Morning gained two more pounds…so 4 pounds gained…I know this can be from fluids, swelling, so I didn’t let this discourage me…I looked great
April 27, 2012
Bruises continue to fade, not sore, I look smaller, some swelling but. Minimal
April 28′ 2012
Weighed myself, another 2 pounds gained…total 6 pounds gained
April 29, 2012
Sunday, bruises are gone…weighed myself again…..2 more pounds gained back to the original weight, I was pre procedure…but I was told the first two weeks, swelling, too. WouldI occur did not let this discourage. me.
April 30, 2012…12 days Post Op
…weighed my self…2 pound gone….starting to lose the fluids
May 1, 2012
Weighed myself again…another 2 pounds gone…I feel so great…so glad I had the procedure…
May 2′ 2012…2 Weeks Post Op
I can take this garment off..weighed. My self again…1. More pound gone…so far 5 pounds lost…the swelling is reducing. The fluids are being removed from. My system, I look amazing
May 3, 2012
Still wearing the garment, weaning. Myself off the garment. Wearing it 12 hours and taking it off the remaining. Didn’t weigh my self, per discharge shouldn’t weigh every day…so I will wait till Sunday
May 6. 2012
Weighed. myself….lost. More….down 9 pounds…weighed originally. 181 . Now 172….I look a lot less. I am so happy with my results.
I am so glad I made the decision that I did, I have wanted to do this for many years, I am happy I found my shape lipo and I think the staff is awesome, helpful, experienced and were able to answer all my questions. I have told all. My coworkers, friends and family. Everybody that I have seen in the past two weeks have given me nothing but compliments, and have been very Positive.
I thank all the great staff at My shape lipo…thank you so much.
Henderson NV


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