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Who Needs SmartLipo

SmartLipo Benefits

  • Skin tightening
  • Less bruising
  • Less intra-op bleeding
  • Quicker healing
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Helps break up tough tissue
  • Stimulates collagen growth, thickens skin

Common Treatment Areas for SmartLipo


Nothing gives away your age faster than fat deposits and loose skin at the jaw line, under the chin and along the neck. Exercise and diet don’t help. SmartLipo is perfectly suited to treat delicate skin on the neck. With SmartLipo, the fat cells are permanently destroyed so the results are long lasting. It tightens the skin through coagulation as it slims. Compared to a traditional surgical facelift, SmartLipo:

  • Minimally invasive alternative to a surgical neck lift
  • General anesthetic is not required
  • Minimal downtime


Fat deposits, particularly around the arms, are resistant to diet and exercise.  The skin tightening produced with the laser used in conjunction with liposuction to remove the fat, allows MyShape Lipo to produce superior results.

Male Chest

Men will see noticeable and immediate results.  The added benefit for the male patient is that laser liposuction or smart liposuction techniques actually tighten the skin, which often helps with the sagging skin associated with enlarged male breast.  In addition, the laser is helpful in breaking up the tough glandular tissue associated with gynecomastia.

Female Breast

Women that have very large breasts normally have stretched skin due to gravity.  So when we reduce the size of the breasts with liposuction, the laser is often helpful to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen to give a “lift” to your breasts.

Back Bra Roll

This area is generally very “fibrous” in most men and women.  This results in very tough tissue and difficulty removing the fat, which often leads to less of a reduction.  If the back bra roll area is important to you to get the best chance at the biggest reduction, then the addition of the laser to your liposuction is your best bet.


The abdomen area is commonly stretched out in women from the childbirth process.  Traditionally these women would look to have a tummy tuck, but that is a much more dangerous, traumatic surgery as well as the resulting very large scar from hip to hip.  The use of the Smart Lipo Laser can help tighten your skin and the liposuction of the fat in the area can reduce the volume to give you a flatter belly without the need of a tummy tuck.

Inner Thighs

"It was easier than I thought it would be. And there was really no down time at all." - Sonja L.

The inner thighs is an area that normally has very thin skin.  Occasionally when you do liposuction in this area, the skin does not bounce back as much as we’d like and it leads to a wrinkling effect that is less appealing.  To help avoid this, the use of the laser can tighten the skin to reduce your risk after your liposuction.

Outer Thighs

The outer thighs is commonly an area that women have cellulite.  The use of the laser in this area can reduce the appearance of cellulite and help give you a smoother result after liposuction.

Buffalo Hump

The buffalo hump is the bump on back of your neck that makes you look like you’re hunched over.  The fat in this area is commonly very tough and fibrous, which make is more difficult to remove and results in less of a reduction.  When you use the laser in this area, it helps to break up the tough tissue and makes it easier to remove a larger volume for more dramatic results.

Individuals with certain health problems may not be good candidates for liposuction. Consult directly with our staff to learn more about contraindications for Smartlipo™ and tumescent liposuction.

Why Select SmartLipo?

If you’re seeking a cutting-edge, highly effective method to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of many surgical techniques, then laser technology is definitely the technique you’ll want to consider. Routinely used in dental procedures, lasik eye surgery, reconstructive work and cosmetic procedures -including liposuction- laser technology is what sets SmartLipo apart from its competition.

Tissue tightening has shown to be 57% more using Smartlipo plus liposuction rather than liposuction alone.

The word “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Precise and safe, today’s medical-grade lasers work by creating a powerful light beam that is adjusted to a specific frequency range.

SmartLipo is different in that it uses a carefully calibrated laser to liquefy fat deposits through the top layers of the patient’s skin. The laser actually ruptures fat cells, and the resulting oily, liquid substance is then removed through a tiny incision in the skin by the surgeon. The small laser can also seal blood vessels as it zaps fat, so there is less swelling, bleeding and bruising than with traditional liposuction. Research has shown that little, if any, fat is reabsorbed back into the body. The minimal invasiveness of the procedure allows patients to see faster results and to experience fewer complications.

How Smartipo™ Works

The Smartlipo laser-assisted lipolysis systems are highly efficacious for disrupting fat cells and tissue tightening through coagulation as part of a liposuction procedure.


Given the cannula’s small size and gentleness of the procedure, SmartLipo laser-assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive treatment that only requires local anesthesia—enhancing client safety and reducing the likelihood of side effects.

A laser fiber is introduced through a small cannula, delivering energy directly to subcutaneous fat cells-to disrupt them. The emitted energy also coagulates tissue, thus inducing collagen retraction and tissue tightening.

  • The SmartLipo laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately—resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising, for faster healing and recovery.
  • SmartLipo supplements or augments liposuction treatment.
  • Typically, only one short treatment session is needed.

1064nm Smartlipo Wavelength: hemostasis in the blood vessels for less bleeding and bruising

Hemoglobin has a high absorption at the laser’s 1064-nm Nd:YAG wavelength. The pulsed structure of the Smartlipo at 1064-nm wavelength also provides high peak-power, which increases the efficiency of blood vessel coagulation. These two properties of the 1064-nm wavelength are designed to coagulate blood vessels during the laser Blend 1064 nm. This produces a uniform thermal profile for superior tissue coagulation with tightening.

Before and After Arm Quote for Smartlipo

SmartLipo laser-assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The procedure disrupts the fat cells through a thermal and photo disruptive action. The laser coagulates the underlying blood vessels resulting in less bleeding, bruising, trauma as well as less down time compared to liposuction alone.

SmartLipo is the Gold Standard for Laser Lipolysis

The 1064-nm wavelength is considered the gold standard for laser lipolysis.

  • Minimally invasive with the use of local anesthesia.
  • Short pulse width generates a photomechanical effect disrupting fat cells.
  • Heats collagen bundles in the dermis resulting in tissue tightening.
  • Creates hemostasis in the blood vessels for less bleeding and bruising.
  • Laser energy creates heat to disrupt fat cells for gentler liposuction.

Smartlipo has 18 watts of power, just the right amount for localized areas of fat.  In addition, SmartLipo’s patients need only a local anesthetic for this procedure, whereas liposuction requires general anesthesia. Because the patient is not completely unconscious, SmartLipo carries much fewer risks than traditional liposuction, and the recovery time is much shorter.

SmartLipo…cutting-edge, safe and effective.



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