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Laser Skin Tightening Procedure

The SmartLipo Laser uses a YAG laser to tighten the skin as well as increase collagen production in the area treated. It has been shown to have many benefits including skin tightening, quicker recovery, less bruising, increase collagen growth, and cellulite reduction.  

After my procedure I went to the hotel and rested 1/2 hour. I didn’t take the anti-anxiety med, so I wasn’t tired. Went to eat, to the shark reef, took some fluid draining time (the fluid Trevor puts in has to drain out) and walked “The Strip” until super late. No down time. I did not want general anesthesia as it has many risks and extends healing time. I had three areas of lipo and SmartLipo with so little pain that I was surprised when it was over! I was awake, alert and talked Trevor’s ear off!
The laser shows optimal results when done in conjunction with liposuction.  The only time we would use the laser without liposuction is when there is not an issue with fat in the areas treated.

What to expect?:

*  Liposuction will be completed in the areas treated

*  Once fat is removed the undersurface of the skin is exposed

*  The laser will be passed under the skin (most people feel nothing during this process)

*  The area will be heated by the laser to promote skin tightening and collagen growth

*  Once the laser process is complete, you will be cleaned your garment will be applied

Since we are using heat to accomplish the skin tightening, it is important to keep the laser moving to avoid over heating and burning the skin.  We have not experienced any burns from this procedure, but it is possible.

The results of the laser are not obvious immediately.  Since the skin is loose immediately after the procedure you will not see the benefit until after healing.  Because the fat was removed and the skin is essentially detached from the under layer, the skin may be very loose after the procedure.  The results of the laser are optimal after about 6 months.

$650 per area when done on the same area with liposuction
$1200 per area for SmartLipo laser treatment only


SmartLipo has been shown to tighten skin up to 57% more than liposuction alone.

This is an exciting technology for those that suffer from loose skin and reduction in collagen.  With age and the effects of gravity, it’s normal for everything to sag over time, it’s a fact of life.  But now we have an effective tool to fight gravity and the affects of aging.  The skin tightening has proven desirable results for skin flaccidity.  With the use of the 1064 YAG laser or SmartLipo, the under surface of your skin is heated up to coagulate the tiny blood vessels as well as the collagen and connective tissue that affects the tightness of your skin.  In doing this it causes the skin to contract and new collagen to form. The laser has also been shown useful in melting the fat for easier removal and smoother results.  This is especially useful in areas where there is cellulite or tougher tissue.  It not only helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, but also tightens the skin for better results. If you are concerned about tightening of your skin and want the best results possible, then you should consider the use of Smart Lipo with your liposuction procedure.

Publications from the National Center for Biotechnology Information cite medical publications that verify the results of Smart Lipo. One such study from the Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA can be reviewed by clicking here.


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