More Testimonials

These Testimonials and Journals were written by actual patients to give their real experience after their procedure at MyShape Lipo. They are meant to give our future patients a realistic outlook of what they can expect from the procedure. As you can see, the experience is a little different for each individual. We feel it is important that you understand what to expect. Please be aware that these are examples of what people experience, each person has different tolerances for pain or discomfort. The experience also depends on how many areas you have treated, the amount of fat removed and your personal healing potential. Enjoy!!

Here’s what others are saying:

Hi Brandy, Trevor and all at My Shape Lipo :

It’s been a week since my hubby and I came to visit you to have our procedures done and we couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks so much for the amazing care while we were there and to Brandy for all the pre-visit information and assistance. I wish I could remember her name but I was so nervous.. to your wee little girl who just graduated from school and has been there for 3 months.. her bedside manner and comfort was amazing. I’m sorry if I hurt her hand while squeezing so tight during the procedure! Haha… We have recommended you to so many others and who knows…. I will likely be back for the thighs ! Of course you will be drawing my name for a free area as well so you’ll see me soon ;)
Start to finish….. the experience was fantastic! Trevor and his wife are a great team.. the whole staff is fantastic ! I won’t pretend that we didn’t have a little pain but, we were able to enjoy Vegas while there and any discomfort we had was minimal and worth every second of it!
Thanks for everything and for giving us a new feeling of vitality!

Hello MyShape Lipo Staff,: My mom came to visit me yesterday,. she was in AWE at how good I looked.. she remembered how big my arms were. What a difference already, tummy still bloated, but she knew, it will go down, when she saw the pics of the fat.. she was blown away.. I gave her your card, I think she wants her tummy done as well.. LOL.. if so, you might see me in august, I come with her. LOL I cant wait to go shopping for newer clothes,. hehe

Again!!! Thanks for changing my life!!!! -JH

I have struggled with gynecomastia for all of my adult life and even as a teenager. It’s always held me back from the simple things in life like being able to go swimming with friends or even going out in public. As any guy who suffers from this knows, there is never a moment in the day when it’s not on my mind where I wonder if people are looking at my chest and laughing. With the exorbitant cost of surgery and the low income of the average person sometimes there doesn’t seem to be any hope of living without that weight on your shoulders or on the chest as this case is. MyShape Lipo was like a dream come true, they are far cheaper than any other place I have seen and it isn’t because the results are any less. The entire staff was not only friendly and professional but they really treat you like family. As hard as this is to approach they make it as comfortable as possible, Trevor himself (the liposuction specialist) has had this procedure done making it a little easier to discuss and deal with. The procedure was quick and relatively painless, I have been very happy with my results and I would strongly recommend any person who wishes to correct what diet
and exercise cannot to take the next step and get treatment. I look forward to living my life free of that constant mental stress and making the most of every day. Thank you to all the staff for being so amazing and making everything as enjoyable as possible!!! Wish you all the best, and to all those who are thinking of taking that next step you couldn’t ask for a better place and people to get you there.

- Mike B. – Stockton, California

Where do I start?? One week ago I got my U&L abs, love handles and back done after a YEAR of comparing, researching, consultations, etc I have never been so happy. Trevor is beyond skilled, experienced and a perfectionist about his work. He has been honest and direct about everything. His staff (Brandy & Stephani) are compassionate, professional, warm, caring, personable and efficient. So accommodating, that his Office Manager, Tiffany, put on her scrubs for the first time in a year and personally held me hand and comforted me because I was “afraid” to be awake during the procedure, along with Coryn, who are the most gentle and kind spirits I know. There are NO hidden prices, NO hidden expectations about the procedure. Everything that has happened and I have experienced is what I have been told. Even a week out, with still being swollen and slightly bruised, my sister calls me Barbie. In a couple months I am going back to get my thighs done and I can’t wait. I have lived in this town for over 25 years and for a company to excel in customer service, affordability, experience, knowledge, and patience, they were definitely worth writing a review about. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH team, see you soon!!!

- Jalon B. – Las Vegas, Nevada

I had my arms and bra roll done at MyShape Lipo in March and couldn’t be happier. For the first time in many years I can put on a sweater or long sleeve top and not have it bind on my arms. The procedure was certainly not what I expected either. I thought I would probably be drowsy and possibly even nod off, but I was awake though out and talking to Trevor and Coryn. Yeah, I was a little sore when it was done, but I walked out of there and felt that no one would probably guess that I had just had something done. I felt great, had no problem hefting my handbag and even went out to dinner an hour later. I was back working out within a week and haven’t regretted my decision once.

- Ann J. – Littleton, Arkansas


I love this place. The receptionist was very nice and made it so easy to get all the information that I was looking for. Other places required that I come in for a formal consultation before finding out the prices or answering any of my questions. I was even able to speak with the doc about pictures that I sent in. Very professional and informative. I have done A LOT of research and the staff at MyShape Lipo are so honest and upfront about everything! They told me the truth and didn’t try to give me unrealistic expectations, which I really appreciated. I recently scheduled my procedure and am so excited!!

- Stella D. – Rochester, New York

Before I had my inner thighs treated, I loved to work out, but not seeing my inner thighs go anywhere, I wanted to slowly stop working out. I was like “what’s the point?” You guys blessed me so much I can’t ever stop thanking you! I feel great in yoga pants now!!! Now I just need a Brazilian Butt Lift and I’ll be good to go! lol
Love you guys! Thank you!

- Elizabeth Akroush (April 2013 Free Lipo Winner)

I had my procedure done at MyShape Lipo 3 weeks ago for my abdomen and arms. I flew in to Las Vegas from Dallas and the whole process was very easy. I stayed at the hotel they recommended which was a good choice (Homewood Suites). They really took care of me and I didn’t need a rental car. The office was very nice and upscale, the staff were friendly, professional and very helpful. The procedure itself was much easier than I thought it would be, Trevor was great and really seemed to know what he was doing, I felt like I was in good hands. I’m still swollen now, but the results are obvious, my waist is much smaller and my arms look like they did when I was 20!! I am very happy with my whole experience with MyShape Lipo and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking into liposuction.

- Cassandra D. – Dallas, Texas

Hi, this is Victoria. I’m now one week past my procedure which was having my abdominal and love handles, and I’m so happy I had it done!! The pain level was not bad at all, during or after.l I would rate it to be about a 4 around the rib area. I took meds the first night to help me sleep, but have not needed them since, and that for me was the night I had the most drainage. Other than that the drainage happened the first and 2nd showers and minimal throughout the day. I was able to walk around the strip of Las Vegas the next day with not much discomfort at all. The swelling just felt like being bloated, and now I don’t feel any pain. I went back to exercising lightly about my 3rd day after the procedure. The bruising is almost all gone, and the holes are closings up nicely! I can not wait to take the garment off though, one more week to go! The staff at MyShape were very awesome, and I felt very comfortable and relaxed!! Thanks everybody! :)

- Victoria M – Santa Fe, New Mexico

I did not have any personal references before going to MyShape Lipo, which I was very nervous about. Tiffany was the first person I talked with and she was very nice and informative. From start to finish I have never felt rushed in any aspect of my care with MyShape. I spoke with Trevor next and he took the time to answer all my questions over the phone and I felt comfortable enough to schedule my appointment that same day. Tiffany emailed everything I needed and I was very excited… this is the first thing like this I have ever done!!

Day 1: Arrived at My Shape around 1pm. They were all very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Since I was from out of town this was the first time I met with Trevor in person and I did end up changing one of the three areas to have done. I changed from my love handles to my hips. I plan to go back in a few months for my love handles and back bra area.

Day 3: Did not wear the pads anymore, still wearing the compression garment. Flew back to Texas today. Trevor called to check on me today. Feeling great and still excited about my decision. Took my first shower, since the procedure, when I got home and it felt really good! I can already see a difference in my abdominal area.

Day 10: Wearing a new compression garment that I bought made a huge difference!! I think the swelling has gone down a lot. I even feel I have more energy now!! The muffin top is gone and I’m so excited to get rid of the compression garment and start wearing fitted T-shirts.

Week 3: Wearing the compression garment less. Still some sore spots and some numb areas. Overall feel great. Went to an event in a tight fitting dress and loved my new shape!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am getting ready to come back to MyShape Lipo for my next procedure in a few days! Thanks!

- Rhonda S. – The Woodlands, Texas

Dear Brandy. Thanks for the follow up call. Trevor was so patient and calm. Nellie was the best too. Trevor did a great job and I will tell anyone. The results so far are good. I am happy I had it done and came to MyShape Lipo.

I will start exercising more regularly so my metabolism speeds up and am very encouraged now that the bulge is gone. I had gotten very discouraged after having a trainer for many months and then finding out from my doctor and two surgeons that the fat would not go away with sit ups etc. So, good bye fat!!!! I am happy with the results so far and will send a few updated photos for my file. Day two-going well. I walked quite a bit today so I was a little worn out, but out and about again tonight and tomorrow. Trying to drink more fluids and having a great time in Nevada. Take care, have a great week and thank everyone for me.

- Mischwa M. – Brentwood, CA.

I have been researching for months now trying to find a specialist of liposuction. It was refreshing that MyShape is so upfront and honest about everything. They tell you the prices and they stick to it, others I have spoken to change or won’t even tell you the prices at all. I felt so comfortable talking to Trevor, he never pushed me in any direction and genuinely seemed to want what was best for me. He explained all the potential outcomes of the procedure and tried to give me very realistic expectations for my body type. I really was glad that I didn’t get guarantees that it was going to be perfect, because I know that’s not possible and you can’t trust people that claim it is. Trevor was really good throughout the procedure, he talked to me to make sure that I was comfortable and if I had any discomfort he addressed it immediately. It’s been 3 weeks now since I had my abdomen and love handles treated and the results are incredible. They’re better than what Trevor had expected base on the looseness of my skin. I’m thrilled at this point and excited that it is only going to get better as I continue healing. MyShape Lipo has the best staff and gave me the results that I was looking for. Thank you so much. :)

Latasha R. – Chicago, Illinois

Hey! I am very pleased with the results and was on day one. Keeping the lower compression garment on has been a challenge as it rises. I am not sure if the bruising is yet to come as I just had a little with my lower abdominal area so far. It doesn’t appear that there is any issue with loose skin either which seeing me before you’ll know it is amazing that that isn’t an issue. :) Thanks again!

- Traci M. – Springfield, VA

Hey guys, it’s me Stephani from MyShape Lipo! I finally had my procedure done 3 weeks ago today. I have lost a total of 7 inches off my thighs and butt area so far. I had my inner thigh, outer thigh and banana roll treated. My procedure was done during one of Trevor’s advanced “Physician Training” courses, so Dr. Nazaroff assisted with my procedure. They both did a phenomenal job.

Being an employee at MyShape Lipo, I knew that I wanted liposuction. When Trevor approached me with the opportunity, I was ecstatic. I have seen Trevor do many of these procedures so the excitement was a little more than I could handle.

Finally, the day had come and I was prepared. The experience was unbelievable! I am so happy that I went through with my procedure. To see the transformation my body has made is incredible, I am still shocked! I love looking at myself in the mirror and can’t wait to get back in the gym and mostly, to go shopping since I have dropped a pant size! I am more than happy with my results.

During my recovery, I was bruised quite a bit, so I used Arnicare gel (we have it available in office and I really recommend using it). I was sore but out and about the very next day. I wore the compression garment provided until my draining stopped. At that point, I purchased my own garment from Wal-Mart. The girls in the office keep telling me how fabulous I look, and that makes it even more worthwhile for me. Thank you Trevor and my MyShape Lipo Team!

- Stephani

My Liposuction Experience:

Day 1: I was nervous but the staff & Trevor were very friendly and made me feel at ease my appointment was at 9 am and was done at 10:03 am I was wrapped up watched a 20 post op video telling me what to expect. The pain level I can say was about a 5 not bad at all a little discomfort when Trevor put the numbing medicine then once the liposuction started it felt like heavy vibration ah little bit of pain as most of the fat was gone and he was going over areas to smooth them out but wasn’t bad at all! As the day went on I felt fine went back to the hotel and relaxed for a half hour and went to enjoy the Vegas strip and had lunch for a few hours I was feeling sore and some pain i took a half of pain pill to ease it , to keep me in till my flight I did lots of walking and drained alot that day . Piece of cake

Day 2: I woke up sore but was able so sleep on my belly I even was able to go right back to work being careful of not too much activity. I took a shower didn’t pass out lol was pressing on my belly there was no drainage I Believe i drained all out the first day. My belly is starting to itch already

Day 3: I can move around faster up and down the steps, bend over to do things . I’m still sore but it’s mild my belly is itching like crazy I want to scratch but it might hurt so Im dealing with it I have to buy some Benadryl ASAP I haven’t had to use any more pain pills yet so far so good

Day 4: I’m still able to sleep on my belly with no pain i woke up less sore than the first two days still doing my usual everyday task with less to medium soreness Im thinking about doing my small workout routine soon but ill give it a few more days

Day 5: Im fine feels sore only when I rub certain areas my holes are starting to close belly looks awesome only one bruise close down towards my pubic area it’s small Im still itchy but not as bad I’m doing great!!

Day 6: not sore just when I touch my belly little discharge like a dot oh how this wrap is soo uncomfortable sheesh I feel like a pig in a blanket…. Can’t wait to ditch this garment

Day 7-10: Soreness gone just if I press on my belly swelling went down, belly is a little hard n lumpy kinda feels like its softening up, my holes are scabbed and itch a bit but I’m great !! My Lipo experience was the best and I’d do it again if necessary and recommend anyone who feels the need and or is unhappy about certain areas that can be treated to do it if that makes you happy that’s all that counts!! Only you can make yourself happy Trevor is AWESOME I got my sexy back Thanks. I’ll update with pictures soon xoxo

- Thomasina

Okay, Okay. I’m doing great! I can’t wait for my next procedure. I have to do some healing first of course. I am now able to lie on my back and sleep well. The curve in my back is gone now. I look so much better and feel so much better as well. My clothes look better on me now. I remember what I looked like before I started and now I say wow! when I look in the mirror. Much more to be done but I am heading in the right direction. I have started dieting now and looking forward to working out. Thanks guys, you all are great like my extended family. Have a nice day :)

- Clarence Roots

Thanks for the assistance. I appreciate the professionalism and help getting back on track.

I want to take the time to thank Trevor and the entire staff for their professionalism, and courteous and helpful. I was battling losing my mid section ( beer belly) regardless of fitness, I feel revised, motivated and ready to push it to the next level, After 19 years in the Army I wanted to regain my shape and lead by example. I could not have asked for better results.

Thanks and look forward to more progress.

- Jamie Wells, Texas

I am 10 days post op and feeling good!! I ran a 5k Saturday and got 50th place. lol My girlfriend took 49th and my boston terrier took 48th. haha

It was a little painful at first to start back exercising but I felt like a beached whale not exercising so 7 days post op I started running again (1.5 miles at about 10min/mile speed to start) and have been running every other day :) Thanks MyShape!!

- Lacey C

Hello everyone,

Finally feeling a little like myself, still in a little pain, but manageable. I can so see a difference. Thank you so much for giving me that confidence in being comfortable in my body, I have never had that before. I will be slowly working on getting my money for the next areas, I cant wait…. See you guys soon…… Thanks again for everything!

- Sherry

I already got six areas done and it changed my life, completely. I would love to get the rest. I think you guys are awesome for doing this for people! You change lives. I hope you know that.

- Tammy Gallant

Just want to say thank you for your wonderful staff, all of you guys are so awesome, and my stomach is looking great!

- Liz Harris, Las Vegas

Hi everyone at MyShape Lipo!
Here is my two week update for the chin/neck/jowl liposuction. I’m getting the hardened lumpiest under my chin and along my jawline now. I’ve been massaging and the ones under my chin seem to be trying to slowly migrate down my neck. I can see and feel my neck line now. It feels bony when I press on it thru the compression garment. I hadn’t been acquainted with that bone structure since I was like 7 yrs old! I am happy so far and really grateful I did it. Thank you Trevor for helping me begin my journey of self improvement and self empowerment! I posted my story on realself as “braveheart”. Talk to you soon.

- Sincerely, Adrienna

I am LOVING my results!! Thank you, thank you!

- Leanne C., Las Vegas


Thank you for the follow up email. I am still swollen and tender in certain areas. Over the past two weeks I noticed a steady progression of feeling better. I did have a few days that I just felt down. Of all the areas treated my abdomen and arms still feel a little tender. All of the adit sites appear to be healing well. I’ve been a little itchy but not to bad. I’ve been using vitamin e oil after my shower I think it’s helping. I can really see a significant difference. I will try to have pics taken to send in for before and afters. Over all I feel and look great!

- Thanks again, Amanda P.

Everything is going as you guys said it would. Swelling has gone down dramatically, but still some hardness and lumpiness. I have been using a Body Glove waist thinner that I bought at Wal Mart for the past week and a half. It is much more comfortable and not as bulky as the original garment. It works great for getting the compression and also easier to put on. I appreciate everything you guys have done to make this process as simple as possible, and would use you again in the future.

- Aaron P.

Hey! I am very pleased with the results and was day one. Keeping the lower compression garment on has been a challenge as it rises. I am not sure if the bruising is yet to come as I just had a little with my lower abdominal area so far… it is amazing that that does not appear to be an issue. :) Thanks again!

- Traci M. – Springfield, VA

You guys are all so amazing! Each and everyone of you helped. I’m excited to see my results, and I will for sure send picture. Please keep being amazing! I had been researching getting liposuction for a long while now. I’ve absolutely fell in love with this clinic as soon as I saw the pricing and before and after photos. Thanks again!

- Amanda W, Canada

I’ve wanted lipo for as long as I can remember. Everyone in my family has a double chin and hates it. It’s been a month since I had my chin liposculpture and I can’t believe how awesome it looks. Now when I see anyone with a double chin I just shake my head because it doesn’t have to be that way, and it was so easy. I only had a little swelling and some mild bruising that was easily covered with make up just like you said. I look like I lost 10 pounds overnight, I can’t believe it’s real. :) My 10 year high school reunion is coming up soon and I can’t wait to hear what people say!!

- Vicki P., Long Island, NY

Well where do I start? MyShapeLipo ROCKS!

Well It’s been almost 9 months since my procedure. I was the lucky winner of the Most Deserving contest. I could have NEVER EVER imagined the results, the wonderful experience, the amazing people I have met and made along my journey. I am so beyond grateful for the free lipo and the changes it has had in my life. After my consult we decided I needed and wanted a FULL BODY Lipo man o man. No we decided to to do the upper, mid and panus. What the heck is a Panus? I asked the same thing lol. Well it’s the fat flap that hung over my lower stomach. I also had my hips and the smart lipo done on the panus, so I would never have that fat flap…. The day of I was so nervous but the staff there were so friendly and caring and took care of me very well. Trevor poor guy im sure got tired with all that fat he was sucking out. Man After he was done I was literally so much lighter. The amount of fat that was taken man who would of known I was carrying all that. Since then I have gone back for my follow up appointments and have been in awh at the results. Of course not just with the lipo but the healthy choices I made for my life, myself and my family after the procedure. Everyday I am so amazed at the results and can’t and don’t know if I will ever have enough words to thank MyShapeLipo. With every posts, like, comment and YALL ROCK! I know is not nearly enough. My friends and family were so amazed at the results that im teased not as fatty anymore but as skinny lol me never skinny. At work I have become shaggy bootie because my pants keep falling off. They even took a collection to buy me a belt lol. What is a belt I had more than enough to hold my stuff up and now they are falling. I have gone from a size 20 to a 14. I am beyond excited and know that I will revisit MyShape Lipo. I got some fat transfer and lipo on my to do list. I wouldn’t EVER go any where else but MYSHAPELIPIO. So if your thinking about it, asking and not sure let me tell JUST DO IT!

- Amelia Garcia, “Most Deserving” Contest Winner April 2012

Talk about confidence booster!! I just zipped up my skinny jeans which I haven’t fit into for at least 5 years! I had my abdomen and love handles done a few weeks ago and as soon as I get the money I’ll be back for my thighs and arms. Thanks for the Boost!

- Veronica W, Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks for checking in on me. Your customer service is great. I love my results. Your team was great and my results are lovely. I don’t see any swelling anymore but I will keep it on for another week or so. I love you guys and the work that you do. MyShape Lipo changed my life. I’ve already lost about three inches off my waistline and I can see A SIX PACK! WOW! lol My love handles are completely gone! Please thank Trevor for me. His work is excellent! I’m telling all my friends about him and your office. Please tell the girls I said thanks, they were great. You guys are a perfect ten in my book. Thanks and have a beautiful day.

- Tonya R., South Carolina

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders. :) I was so worried having my breasts worked on, but you have far exceeded my expectations. My co-workers are all talking and I catch people staring all the time. Now I feel good when people are staring because they’re not looking at my boobs. This has changed my life, seriously. I now fit into clothes I would have never even attempted to wear. I can barely even see where the scars are, I’m so happy that I didn’t get a reduction with those big scars that I’ve seen on friends.

- TJ – Las Vegas, NV

I want to let everyone know how great you guys are.. I can see such a difference already and it hasn’t even been 24 hours!! Thanks so much.

- August T.

It’s been two weeks since my procedures and the results are amazing! I flew into Vegas a size 12 jeans and today I am still a little swollen, but fitting into my size 8’s again. Which will be perfect for my 30th class reunion. This has given me the jump start I needed to up my game at the gym and to kick the refined sugar habit. I definitely want to keep this body!

Thank Trevor for me! I had a scar on my lower abdomen since age 5 and with all the fat growing around it it use to look like I had a butt in the front as well as the back, BUT NOW my tummy is flat and smooth and the scar is hardly noticeable at all. Everyone was so nice to me and everything was done exactly as your site advertised. What a relief.

I can’t thank you enough for giving me my sexy back!!

I wonder if you still have a picture of me with Trevor holding all 4 containers of fat. I’m surprised all that came off of me and would like to share it with my girlfriends who are now considering a trip out there.

- Sincerely, Nancy G

My appt was at 1:00. My boyfriend and I flew into the Las Vegas airport at 11:00 am and went straight to the office. I checked in early, then left to eat and fill my prescriptions. Checked back in, was measured and pre-op pics taken. I had some anxiety but was more eager to get the procedure going that I ignored it. I was offered to choose my level of sedation and I chose mild. . . I wanted to be awake that evening to explore the Vegas strip. The sedation had an opposite effect and I was pretty wired up and felt no drowsiness. The procedure was comfortable in the stomach but pretty painful in the back of my hips. I would rate it at a 9. I should have realized that I don’t respond well to numbing at the dentist and this was no different. Trevor administered more numbing a few times but I needed to grit my teeth, strangle my pillow and get thru it. Fortunately, it was very fast and nothing I couldn’t deal with.After the procedure, I was measured and shocked at the incredible results. The pinch test dropped from 3 inches before to a quarter inch after. The wrap was applied, post op pics taken and I relaxed for a bit in recovery. All of the staff were positive, knowledgeable and i never doubted their expertise and advice. I would highly recommend MyShape Lipo to anyone.We stayed at a hotel on the Vegas strip and I was very alert and comfortable getting there. We checked in and I took a two hour nap. After my nap, we went to dinner and then walked the strip for a few hours. I felt great. . . Very alert and minimal pain. Went to bed by 9 pm and slept most of the night. I woke up at 4 am and took a norco and then slept until 8 am.

Day 2 Checked out of the hotel and played a little poker on the way out. My flight was at 1:00 so we got to the airport early to get thru security. I was immediately flagged during the security xray screening because of my body wrap which i had expected. I explained what I had done and the security personnel were very easy and pleasant. They tested me for explosives (I found this to be pretty funny but was pretty high on norco) but was processed in less than 5 mins. I took a prescription pain med and zoned out for my 4 hours in the air. Sitting upright on the plane was not comfortable so I got up and walked a little bit. Walking around the airport between connections felt good and relieved the discomfort. After arriving home, I changed out the pads and relaxed. Pain level is a 3.

Day 3 Not fun. . . I am short waisted and my compression garment bunched badly around the waistline. I contacted Stephani and was advised that I could go into a department store garment if I wished. She even knew of a sale at Kohl’s that was specific to the garment I needed. I went to Kohl’s and bought a firm control romper style compression garment that had shoulder straps and kept my midline smooth. Pain today is a 5 but I am only taking the prescribed antibiotic and tylenol. No more norco fueled weird dreams. I was wiped out from running errands all morning and laid down for the afternoon but I think lying down contributed to swelling/pain. Gotta keep moving.

Day 4 Pain level 6 when i woke up. Still maintaining my tylenol only pain meds. Once I get out of bed and move around, it is much better. I elected to work from home and am sitting at the dining room table. I could have returned to the office but didn’t need to right away. I’m drinking lots of water which requires a lot of bathroom visits which can be panicky trying to navigate this compression garment in time.

Day 5 Stomach and hips are pretty swollen but I already see significant results. I went to put my hands on my hips while asserting myself to my teenagers, but my hips were gone!! Pain level is a 5. Cannot wear my jeans yet.

Day 6 Spent all morning watching the kids baseball tournament and was comfortable. Swelling is the same, but what minimal bruising I had is fading fast. Adits have stopped draining and holy cow, my skin on the lower abdomen has significantly tightened and is smooth!! After two pregnancies, I didn’t expect my skin to tighten like that. Pain level is a 4. After reading the post op instructions, I found that it is completely correct and I seem to be on schedule in my healing.

Days 7 and 8 More of the same, still swollen and sore to the touch, but back to work and handling all the business of raising teenagers. My bruising has significantly decreased. Started to feel a bit funky. . . I’m not patient and hoped to see the swelling decrease faster. I reminded myself to project myself to the 2 week and 1 month mark before analyzing the results.

Days 9, 10, 11 Still waiting for the swelling to subside although all the bruising is gone. I am now off of tylenol and my activities are normal. Pain is a 2. An odd effect that I have had since the procedure is that I have lost weight in other areas and dropped a full bra size. My metabolism is in high gear and I am running circles around my family members. I can’t stop doing home projects and yard work. This is amazing.

Day 13 Big day for me. My swelling has changed from soft to firm and lumpy. I decided to try on my jeans and they slid on easily. . . No muffin top!! I got brave and tried on more clothes. . . Each piece fit so well and loose. I pulled out clothes I have not been able to wear in 6 years and they all fit. It felt like Christmas in my closet. I was tearful and amazed at how my clothes fit and at the curve in my waist, my hip bones and front ribs are gently visible. Thank you so much for offering this procedure at such an affordable rate. I am so happy with the results.

Day 14 Time to lose the compression garment. I went for a couple of hours without it but felt like maybe I should transition out slowly since I’m still swollen but the swelling is suddenly reducing significantly each day. I’m wearing the garment to work and while sleeping at least thru the 3rd week and maybe into the 4th.

- Deanna

I just wanted to thank you and your team of fat fighters that I am very pleased with the care from start to finish and after. Since I stepped in your office, I felt important. Being in the service industry for twenty years, I can tell you one thing, its very easy to tell when people take an interest in you and when they don’t. I felt as you all shared the same interest in my comfort and happiness. As far as the procedure, everything that you did, the pain, what to expect was right on point. Basically it comes down to trust and that was a non issue with all of you. If you told me to go home and sit in a tub of ice to help my swollen butt cheeks and stomach, I would have. Thank God you did not. Feeling good, and looking forward to seeing the final results in time. I am very happy and pleased with everything you provided and then some. I would recommend you to all and would say this to anyone that walked through your door, when you come here, and by the time you leave, you will have felt like you were a family member.

- Steve, Las Vegas

I had my procedure 2 weeks ago. I was a little worried because of the swelling, but my belly looks great now! I am fitting into my skinny jeans that I have’t worn for 10 years. My experience with MyShape has been wonderful. The staff were all very nice and extremely helpful. Trevor called me the day after to make sure I was doing well and answered all my questions. All the instructions they gave me made the recovery a lot easier since I had an idea of what to expect. Overall, I am very pleased and would highly recommend MyShape Lipo to anyone trying to get a new shape.

- Jaime L, Atlanta, GA

I am doing excellent! Since I have returned home from NV I have lost 10 pounds. I am still just a little swollen but can tell a big difference already. I fit into jeans I haven’t fit into in a while as well!! I still have a little bruising on the inside of my thighs. I plan on returning in April and having the front and back of my thighs done like Trevor suggested. Now that my thighs are not as wide as they were I definitely want to come back and make them skinnier in the from and back too. I was in a lot of pain after the procedure. I walked a lot to make sure I did not get stiff and unable to move. I had fat transferred to my breasts and can tell a difference in the size of my breasts. My mom was pretty impressed with the results. She was very skeptical and really nervous for me to go through all of this, but she is impressed and is considering coming with me in April to get work done on herself as well. Thanks for everything!

- D. Craig – Arkansas

Wow! I was a little skeptical and thought that lipo was only for girls, but boy was I wrong. Ever since I was in high school I’ve had this spare tire around my waste. I thought that’s the way I am and I just need to live with it. Now I’m not embarrassed to take off m shirt by the pool and I can’t stop looking at myself when I walk by a mirror. The staff was so nice and helpful from answering questions to making sure that I got home safe, they really care. I highly recommend you to my friends.

– Brian T – St. George, UT

Unbelievable!! My arms look great!! Thank you guys so much for everything. The customer service was fantastic, you guys really care and treated me like family. I am ecstatic about my new look and show off my new arms every chance I get. I am sending my sister out there to get some work too. A+++

- Bree T., Anchorage, Alaska

Hey everyone! I just wanted to write and tell you how amazed I am with my results so far! I took my garment off 2 days after my procedure to get a shower and I could not believe my eyes! I have never been this skinny in my life! I have always been petite but it was hard to tell because I carried a lot of the bulk in my hip and thighs! Trevor did an amazing job!! You all made me feel so comfortable and eased my fears and worries! You told me your vision for how I would look and you definitly exceeded my expectations! Lol…..I believe I may fit int a size 5 now which is a size I have never worn! I am still a little bit sore, bruised and swollen but yu can def see my shape! I am in love wih my new body!!! You guys gave me my confidence back! I will be sending pix in soon once the bruises heal up! Thankx again!!

- Kelly from PA

Trevor, I would like to thank you and your staff for the great service. I’m doing excellent! The morning after my procedure I was up and shopping on the strip. LOL. I had minor pain and didn’t need my pain medicine. WOW! I’m still on my antibiotics but I’m doing MUCH better than I thought I would. Trevor, I LOVE my results and i’m still swollen! I can only imagine what’s to come in the future. Trevor, your work is excellent! I’m absolutely satisfied. You’ve changed my life and I would

like to really thank you, your wife and the rest of your awesome staff. My brother and his fiancee are coming to you soon. They also love your work and staff. I will send your team pictures every couple of months so you can see the final result. I never imagined I could look like this again. I thank you again with all my heart.

- Tonya Robinson, Bluffton SC

Brandy, It’s been great. The lipo on my neck and chin area has been pretty much healed and many people look at me differently , my daughter, sons and my wife are the ones who have commented on how good it looks. All that blubbery double chin has been reduced. Recovery didn’t take more than a week or so. it was quick, i mean there was numbness like coryn said and that in due time, the area will start to soften up and the swelling will go away and then the jaw line and angles will start to become more defined.

As far as the abdomen goes, upper, lower and love handles are concerned, they came out just as Trevor said they would. My love handles are gone and the abdomens have been reduced noticeably. People have been commenting on my loss of my round stomach. My weight is down just a bit but not much, but with diet and exercise, I’m going to even look better. I’m at a point that if i lose more weight, it’s going to be even better.

My wife is ecstatic about her abdomen as well. Her figure really is now very shapely. She had to buy pants 2 and 1/2 sizes smaller, so they wouldn’t keep falling off. She recovered very nicely. She had very little pain, just some swelling.

Thanks from me Trevor, and thanks to the whole crew, you’ve been great – Coryn, the girls, and of course Trevor the sculptor. The price was unbeatable great value, professional work!! I highly recommend!!

- Ed Wong, Chicago, IL

You guys were so awesome, I can really see the difference already! Can’t wait to get home and try on some clothes. Trevor you totally rock, thanks to Coryn for holding my hand. :) You were so very helpful and very knowledgeable!

- Valerie W, Colorado

Thanks for checking in on me. Your customer service is great. I love my results. Your team was great and my results are lovely. I don’t see any swelling anymore but I will keep the compression garment on for another week or so. I love you guys and the work that you do. MyShape Lipo changed my life. I’ve already lost about three inches off my waistline and I can see A SIX PACK! WOW! lol My love handles are completely gone! Please thank Trevor for me. His work is excellent! I’m telling all my friends about him and your office. Please tell Sue I said thanks, she was great. Coryn was great too. You guys are a perfect ten in my book. Thanks and have a beautiful day.

- Tonya R. S.Carolina

Good morning!

I just want to tell you I am so very pleased with my results so far. I feel fantastic and I am really starting to look good. I even went skiing at the 9 day mark. Didn’t overdo it, just a half dozen runs or so. This was the best investment I have ever made in myself. I don’t think I could have ever gotten these results with exercise alone. Thank you Trevor! You are truly an artist with this process! I also believe removing the fat through lipo is healthier than having to process any lingering toxins through my organs.

I feel so sexy again! Still some hard, sensitive spots that continue to improve daily. FYI, I used an arnica cream on the bruising and it helped dissipate that quickly which I believe also speeded up recovery. You might mention to your future patients. I hope you continue to see great success for your business. You’re making people like myself feel better than I have in years!!!!!

Oh, and the people at Homewood Suites were fantastic through all this. You have found a great partner for your out of town patients!

Will send some pics for your gallery. I would recommend your services to anyone healthy enough to do this.

- Robin T. Colorado

Hi Brandy,

I am about to leave town and return home, but I wanted to check-in to say everything is fine. I want to thank you and Trevor for helping me to be “less than all that I could be”!. :-)

Also, please tell him the optional “George Clooney” procedure went great; need to call George for some tips on how to fend off all these women! (Little, inside joke; he can explain).

- Thanks again, Mike

Hey everyone!

Well, It has officially been 1 month today since I had my procedure done (Hips, Inner and outer Thighs) and I can def see a difference! I saw a difference the minute I got up off the table and even more of a difference 3 days later. I have been taking LOTS AND LOTS of pictures!!!! I just can’t believe the clothes I can now fit into!!!! I ordered clothes from China a yr ago…and incase you don’t know (lol) their fashions are aimed towards very petite woman! I can actually fit their clothes now! its amazing! last year when I ordered clothes from there I was so discouraged because I could not even pull the pants up

past my knees! now I can! and the dresses they looked like shirts on me because of how wide i was in the hips and thighs! its amazing how great I look! I know as the time goes by I will heal more and more! I cant wait to see how I look within the 6 month period! lol. I still wear the garment, only at night time, because I feel like I swell up when I become very active throughout the day. I am even highly thinking about coming back in and getting my breasts enlarged so my body looks even better! lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Trevor’s work! You guys are AWESOME!!!! Thankx again for giving me confidence! because I have truly lacked it for so long!

Thanks again Trevor, Coryn, Brandy and staff!!!!!

- Kelly O from PA

Hello From Canada,

Just wanted to drop you all a quick note to thank you. I have almost no pain now and only a slight amount of swelling above my butt. Of course I am still wearing my girdle and can hardly wait for next Tuesday when I can take it off and burn it!

If there were to be no further improvement from my current situation I would still be VERY PLEASED with the outcome! I know however, that there still will be improvements. For the first time in 15 years, I can look down my sides and see my hips! And the other day my hubby asked me why I was giggling in the restaurant and I told him “I dropped some food and it landed on my crotch instead of my belly! YAH!”

The audits, which worry a lot of people, were no problem for me. Truthfully, I have had ingrown hairs and mosquito bites that have caused me more trouble. I actually can’t find two of them any more.

- Johna Dul

Please say thank you to the medical team that worked on me. I would definitely recommend your practice to a friend who wants liposculpture.

- Janelle Thayer, Spokane, WA

Well, first of all thank you! You and the procedure has changed my output on my self-esteem. I am still bloated, but it only has been almost 3 months, now. This procedure is for someone who wants to get that jump start in losing weight or of course the final pounds. Thank You! Thank You!

– Gloria, Santa Fe

We stayed at the Homewood Suites when we went and it’s a great hotel, I got a little blood on the sheets from drainage after the procedure and they came up and switched out our sheets and were very kind and professional. I really suggest that you have someone there, regardless of your medical experience especially if you have hard to reach area’s done, it’s not easy to change out some of the pads by yourself, especially the first night when your all doped up, lol. And as for gambling, we went a night before so that my husband and I could enjoy vegas before the procedure. I really didn’t have a problem with it being in vegas, it was a long drive there and an uncomfortable drive back (about 10 hours) but all is good and it was definitely worth it!

- Elissa Lockwood

Thanks Trevor, and all the staff for the excellent care.

It did take 3 months for my body to complete the adjustment process. But the initially recovery went very quickly. I slept for the first 12 hours, then took a pain pill, rolled over and slept another 6 hours. I finally decided to get up and drink some fluids and watch TV. Then I went to the airport and travelled to my work site. I was a little sore, but basically happy to have it done. It would have been nice to have a person with me to do the little things that require movement. But it all went smoothly anyway. Recently my wife has been requesting to have her tummy adjusted. So we may show up at your door steps soon. Maybe I will eventually tell her I had mine done too.

- Sincerely, Dr. Redding

I must say that I am truly satisfied with the results. At this point I am still swelling significantly but others have still been able to notice a difference. I have received so many compliments, that I have about 6 more people wanting to get the same thing done. I am kind of wishing “just as Trevor said” that I had gotten my upper and lower stomach done at the same time. It is ok, because once I completely heal in my sides, I do plan on coming back to you to get my abdomen done. Thank you for contacting me, I look forward to utilizing your services again.

– Denise Harris, Rochester, NY

I am doing excellent! Since I have returned home from NV I have lost 10 pounds. I am still just a little swollen but can tell a big difference already. I fit into jeans I haven’t fit into in a while as well!! I still have a little bruising on the inside of my thighs. I plan on returning in April and having the front and back of my thighs done like Trevor suggested. Now that my thighs are not as wide as they were I definitely want to come back and make them skinnier in the from and back too. I was in a lot of pain after the procedure. I walked a lot to make sure I did not get stiff and unable to move, but that made my holes leak more and more and took quite a while to stop draining. I had fat transferred to my breasts and can tell a difference in the size of my breasts but would like them to be a little bigger still. Would it be recommended to get another fat transfer when I come again? Or would it not be recommended since I already did it? My mom was pretty impressed with the results. She was very skeptical and really nervous for me to go through all of this, but she is impressed and is considering coming with me in April to get work done on herself as well! Thanks for everything!

- Damaris Craig

I wanted to leave a message about the great care that I received. Trevor and staff, you were all terrific!! Thank you for the best 90 minutes that I have spent to obtain the shape on my legs. I’ve been trying to do this on my own for over 25 years and you did it in such a short time. I will certainly come back to correct the other areas that I have problems with as well. Within three weeks of the surgery, I really began to see a noticeable difference. Thank you again.

- Cherry Lawson

To whom it may concern. Just this past Monday my wife had substantial amount of Lipo. We are extremely happy with your group. So professional so compassionate and so Honest. Please give out our names any time for reference. You all are wonderful!!

- Ben Stanton


Went to a med spa for my monthly facial and my aesthestician is still amazed how awesome I look and she finally wrote down the name MyShape Lipo so she can call and there are others she works with that want to get it done….plus there is a plastic surgeon that does procedures at the spa, since the surgeons office is adjoining them and she has stated that she is amazed how quick of a recovery and the cost…plastic surgeon charges more, longer recovery and does exact same procedure as My Shape Lipo…love love my new shape! :)

- Denise Schams

I’m so happy with the results of my procedure! The staff was so friendly and made me feel at home. I want to thank all of MyShape Lipo for my new body.

- Facebook Comment

Wow yes this is me…(referring to her picture we posted on Facebook) Trevor did an awesome job, love the staff and can’t wait for my next visit. I so recommend them on everything they are the best ! Repeat client FOR SURE!

- Amelia Garcia

Today 8/15/12 has been officially one week since I had my procedure done. I was extremely nervous to have it done because I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be like. I was scared in the beginning about the pain I was going to be in. The day of my procedure I arrived a little early, the staff was extremely nice & warm welcoming. Since I was the Grand Prize Winner of the 3 free areas of lipo, Coryn & Tiffany jumped right to it and started filming me. They took their time with me since I was very shy. As that went by, we finished up and I got ready to do the Pre-Op pictures, By that time my nerves were everywhere. I chose not to take Xanex, but afterwards I wanted it. When Trevor was putting the numbing fluid in, the pain was about a 5 for me, every now & then it would be a 8. After the numbing fluid was in, he started taking out the fat. There was absolutely no pain while doing that. I could feel a little burning sensation but it didn’t bother me. After it was done, I started to feel nauseous, they offered if I wanted something to eat.

Day 2
It was hard for me to sleep the night of the procedure, I kept tossing and turning. The pain I had on day 2 was about a 7-8 but that was when I had walked the entire Vegas Strip. I was leaking fluid to a minimal. I was excited to take the compression garment off so I can take a shower. I started to notice more firmness around my belly button and lower abdomen. I wasn’t able to do much as in chaning clothes. I started to run a fever & everytime I ate I felt sick afterwards.
Day 3
Sleeping last night was much easier. I started to notice my stomach going down some. The pain I had was about a 4. No leakage of fluid or blood. That afternoon before I had to head back to TX I stopped in MyShape & wanted to see how much I dropped. Tiffany measured my abdomen and I lost a total of 9.25 inches & 5.6 LBS in TWO days, I was extremely excited. The plane ride home was the difficult part for me. After the plane ride my pain level was to a 9.
Day 4
Hardly no pain at all. Still can’t do too much in activities. I walk all the time, at least until my stomach starts hurting. I was still running a fever. I was having trouble sleeping at night, very uncomfortable. I had sharp pains in my stomach and tiffany advised me that it was my skin attaching itself back to the stomach muscle. My lower abdomen is firm. I noticed more lumpiness & my stretch are pretty much gone YAY.
Day 5
NO PAIN!! I still have swelling and the lumpiness is more than what it was day 4. I still have a long ways to go but i noticed walking everyday will help you 10X more. Its much easier taking a shower now.
Day 6
The pain came back and it was an 8. I kept feeling sick to my stomach while having it feel like someone is stabbing me. Throughout the day the pain started going away. I can see more results now.
Day 7
One week today…No pain just lumpiness.
I can say that the staff at MyShape was nice, amazing, informative, respectful, etc…Trevor did amazing with my procedure & I couldn’t be more proud.
- Kimberly Williams

I’m so happy with the results of my procedure! The staff was so friendly and made me feel at home. I want to thank all of MyShape Lipo for my new body.

- Facebook Comment

Yea! #team myshape does it again!!! I’m looking even better 6 months after my trip to myshape! Thanks for the best summer ever!

- YouTube Comment

7 weeks since I had my abs done….I look amazing! I continue to get compliments and just the other day a co worker asked where I went…she needs her lower abs done after having two kids…told her My Shape Lipo is the perfect place to have the procedure:)

- Denise Schams

Hey Trevor and everyone at Myshape Lipo!

It has been almost 3 months since I have had my procedure! just to let everyone know, I had my inner & outer thighs done and my love handles….to be quite honest I was skeptical at first that it would have a great outcome for me…but literally when Trevor was done with my procedure I immediately noticed the difference in my shape. I have tracked my progress as the days and weeks gone by. And at first I was going through ups and downs…one day I was happy that I had thinned out and gotten the shape I have always wanted, then there were days where I felt like I was fat and I was gaining weight, and I wouldn’t thin out anymore. I want you all to know..these feelings are absolutely normal! I thought there was something wrong with me..that I wasn’t progressing fast enough, or that I was done progressing and I was stuck where I was at…I mean don’t get me wrong, I was super happy and I still am…with my appearance and new shape…but I felt like I wasn’t quite where I should be at considering the extensive and rigorous procedure my body had undergone. Trevor told me to be patient as the process can take time to heal! I am writing so you all know from a happy and soon to be returning patient/client/customer that YES, it does take time…and you will feel depressed at times, discouraged at times, and even think that your body will look out of sorts..this is all normal! I am thinning out very fast now! I went from 125-127 down to 118 lbs after the procedure and have since lost 5 more lbs and I am now down to 113 lbs! so from Aug. 19th of this year until today I have lost about 14 lbs!!! and my shape is amazing!!! Please feel free to message me with questions. You all will be absolutely be amazed with Trevor’s work! the wonderful way the staff treat you when you are there! They are all absolutely amazing!

- Kelly

Wow yes this is me…(referring to her picture we posted on Facebook) Trevor did an awesome job, love the staff and can’t wait for my next visit. I so recommend them on everything they are the best ! Repeat client FOR SURE!

- Amelia Garcia


My lower abdomen seems so flat and huge difference in the bra area. My pants are getting looser and my energy is much higher. I did go down a whole size in my scrubs and since that is my main wardrobe I am very happy! I will try to stop in around my 3 month mark may 10th!

- Heather Green-Brown

That’s me! (referring to her picture that we posted on Facebook) I can do sit-ups now. Do you know how long it’s been since I could do a sit-up? The relief from the lower back pain alone is worth all of it! Do you have the views from the back also?

- Heather Green-Brown


This is so amazing! I had my 2nd appointment today. As with the first appointment, I can tell the difference. Not only in the way I look but in the way I feel! I opted to do underneath my chin today. I can really tell the difference underneath my chin. I’m not the type of person who would endorse anything unless it lived up to its’ claim and I’m telling everyone who might see this to jump on board! You won’t regret it!!! I will report back on Friday which is my 3rd session! P.S. I can’t say enough good things about the staff so I’ll just say TOTALLY AWESOME!

- Goldie Neal

Hey, 5 weeks since I got my abs done, still a little swollen but I still look great:) no more lower belly hanging over my more belly pooch…I look amazing and I get compliments every day:) glad I came to MyShape Lipo u guys rock!

- Denise S.

Hi there,
I had lipo at My Shape on 18th April and am extremely happy with the results. I have since gone from a size 14 to size 10 and even those clothes are loose on me.

- Betty R.

Hi, I’m doing great. I love my new shape. Thanks so much.

- Linda

Hello from Canada
Thanks for your kind consideration during my recent visit. My son attended your clinic last November and his results were so amazing that I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to a 69th birthday present. The procedure was a piece of cake with a pain rating of approximately two, with an occasional five. The room and service at Homewood Suites was wonderful also. Too bad I slept through almost all my entire stay there. By Day 4 I was very bruised and sore, but that’s OK. I knew from talking with my son that it would get better. The worst part of the ordeal for me was the trip home – all that walking in the airport and standing in the long lineups to clear security. Maybe it’s my age telling on me, but if I were to do it again, I would definitely have someone with me, even just to carry my backpack. It would also have been nice to have help changing the absorbent pads in the difficult to reach areas, especially being so doped up. And of course once home, there is the meal preparation (should have got in a supply of TV dinners), and laundering the blood-tinged garments. But now the worst is over and I’m kind of proud of myself for having done the deed. Already my waist size has gone from 41″ to 36.5″. Wow!
Thanks for suggesting I purchase a “body shaper” garment to wear once the adits were not draining any more, which was on Day 8 for me. The garment is much more comfortable and doesn’t bind at the waistline The other thing I purchased was a box of 50 Mepore absorbent surgical dressings. These are 3.6″ x 4″ and adhere to the skin, are non-allergenic (no latex), and are very easy to remove. We used them post-surgically in the hospital where I used to work. I found they were great for soaking up the exudate from the adits once the leakage had slowed down. The only thing I really hate wearing is the chin support – but I can deal with that for two or three weeks to make sure I get the proper results. I only wear it at night now. By the end of the first week I sported “An Amazing Technicolor Jawline and Belly”, which has almost completely gone now at the end of week 2.
I’m sorry I am unable to send you any pictures but I live on my own and can’t think of a way to take proper pictures. Maybe someone will take a picture of me this summer in my new “bathing suit body”. By that time the swelling should be a thing of the past. You did a good job Trevor! Cheers to all!

- Betty

Well, I had my lipo about to months ago I still have some swelling and pain in my upper and lower abdomen,love handle, bra roll and lower back. The other areas all the swelling is just about gone and I love the outcome. I just want to say Thank U to Trevor and the Staff. I was very Excited to gt lipo but at the same time very Nervous. But y’all treated me just like family and took great care of me. Trevor did a Incredible Job, he was so friendly & the rest of the team made me feel at home. But I was still a lil scared about the procedure going to the back I was getting more & more nervous. But, Korren was Fantastic! She stayed right by my side talking to me the whole time, that made me feel so much betta. After going home I was called and checked on and any question I had was answered. The whole staff was so Amazing and I am loving my results and cn really see a diff. I have a few more things done so I will b in touch..Thank you again..

- Torre

Hey MyShape, OMGoodness, I cannot believe its been month already since I had my procedure done. I was so skeptical to get the procedure done at first but oh my the staff there was warm welcoming and amazing. Since its been 30 days, I feel much healthier and not so concerned with my self image. I have minimal pain in my abdomen except for my pannus area. I have quite a bit of firmness in the lower abdomen and pannus which every now & then I will be uncomfortable. I can’t believe my stomach is so much smaller, I have started working out again which it will help me out even more. I can say I will be back for more lipo. I love the staff there, so energetic, outgoing, caring and they didn’t make me feel out of place. I started to get discouraged afterwards because of the negative comments (said on Facebook), but I looked at the after pictures and reassured myself, I did this to better myself. Trevor is excellent at what he does. Thank you again for doing my procedure. I still feel like a winner every single day I look in the mirror.

- Kimberly Williams, JULY 2012 WINNER OF FREE LIPO

I’m feeling well and the results are constantly improving! I still have minor soreness and swelling and I’m starting to notice the lumps in certain areas. I stopped leaking about 5 days after the procedure. I purchased a seamless garment to wear during my work day to keep the swelling down and to continue to help shape the areas. I really enjoyed my experience and I would definitely return and recommend you all to my friends! I’ll be sending pictures soon! Thank you for following up!

- Deonsha

Thank you for the information on maintaining and improving my health after the liposuction. This was my second liposuction in your office, and each time it gets easier and easier for me to recuperate.
Even though I had my two prescriptions filled, I did not have to take one pain pill. I thought that was remarkable. Trevor is incredible in his field. I just love the way my body healed and returned to its amazing form. As I mentioned to Trevor, I would never let anyone else perform lypo on my body because he is a perfectionist. I love the way my body looks. I will continue to have work done on my body at your place of business.
I would send all of my friends and family members to your office because everyone in the office is awesome. More importantly, Trevor’s bedside manners is “second to none.” He called to check on my recovery when I left the office. He thought enough of me to make sure I was not in pain or having any complications from the procedure. So, it is about making sure the patient is doing well, and I really appreciate the gesture.
Again, I would like to say thank you for all that you do in making me happy with my new body!!!

- Liz

I am so happy with my results, words can’t even explain. I feel like I am beginning a new chapter of my life. You guys are awesome. Thank you all for answering all of my questions. I am excited that My Shape Lipo is a part of my transformation. After two weeks, I am already down ten inches and I have lost a total of 16 lbs! This has motivated me to eat well and to work out. I am proud I made this decision and I can’t wait to show off my results and progress as the weeks go by. Happy Friday!
See you guys in a few weeks!

- Shereen

Hi! I am 3 weeks post procedure today!! I am so happy with my results so far and can tell that it is improving more and more every day. Everything has happened just the way you guys explained and you left nothing for me to question. I had my procedure on a Friday and I was able to enjoy Vegas after my procedure and the following day. I flew home on Sunday morning and have had no issues at all. The hardness is going away with just the area above and below my belly button remaining. You guys are AWESOME!! You are all so friendly and personable. I feel like I have friends in Nevada now! As soon as I save up some more money (or I win your contest) I will be back for more work. I can’t wait to have my arms done!
I have been telling all my friends and family about My Shape Lipo!
I will be sending pictures soon.
Hope you all are doing well. Thank you for changing my life!

- Debra H., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hello there everyone at Myshape Lipo. I want to thank you for such an awesome experience can’t wait to do it again next year, I am healing really well and am liking the results, there is still a lot of bruising but I can handle that lol compared to what I looked like before and I know it won’t stay forever can’t wait to send my after pics. THANKS AGAIN YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!

- Punky

Funny, people CONSTANTLY tell me my chest is bigger…nice pecs..even my lifting buddie. They ALL know…but, they dont realize im shrinking ))
I never did have any discoloration or swelling for the most part I think light color for 2 days…and almost no pain.
Seems like everything is looking good. Definitely leaner. I can tell when i wear tight shirts now, at my waste, the RIPPLE or light bulge is long gone ))
Ive dropped a pants size too. I wear 36..but lose…so around 34 now))
Lovin it)

- Rock

Hi Trevor, thank you for your follow up call. I am actually healing very quickly, it is itching now. A bit bruised, of course to be expected when you begin to heal. I am moving around just fine. And I am happy, my family wants to see what it looks like in a couple of weeks, and if they notice the difference, I probably will come back and see you and the team, for the inner thighs. OUCH!!.. This time I will come alone and fly in. Much easier. But in any case, please thank your crew for me.

- Noralda

Well I made it to my two weeks, Wow thank you guys for checking in on me. I am doing good still, swelling in most places a lil so I’m still wearing my Compression Garment. When I first showed up to Myshape Liposuculpture I was very very very nervous about the Procedure. But the Ladies at Myshape Lipo were so friendly and nice they really made me feeling right at home, they treated me just like family and took good care of me before and after the procedore was done. Trevor was Amazing he talk to me about the areas that he was going to treat and the places he thought I would get the best results. He was so Nice and made me less Nervous after talking to him. Coryn was the best. She also did a Wonderful job and stayed right by my side the whole time holding my hand and that made me feel so much better and relaxed. I am still swelling in some areas but I can see Fantastic results in all the areas of my body. I can see the most difference in my upper/lower abdomen and love handles also my lower back/hips. I am loving the outcome and can’t wait until all the swelling has gone down. I want to thank all of you for an Incredible job. I have four more areas that I want done so I will be getting in touch with ur staff later on this year thank you so much and I love my new body.

- Torre

Hi, Nice to hear from you. My recovery is going well and so far the results look much better than before I walked it. Thank you for your support! Take care.

- Scott

Thanks for the follow-up!! I am doing pretty well, still have some swelling around the waistline and pelvic area I am quite happy with the results. I have started working out again and it is a little slow going, but I will get there.

- Chris

Day Of Procedure Went in for procedure for lipo on my outer thighs, inner thighs, hips and buttocks….was nervous but excited….my blood pressure was taken, elevated of course, but to be expected, since I was nervous, but I was made comfortable through out the process…being weighed, measured, pictures taken….I became less nervous…Trevor my Pa who was going to do the procedure, came in marked the areas and answered all my questions. During the procedure, Trevor and I talked through out and I was not in any pain…if I needed more numbing..I was able to advise…which was minimal….seeing the fat removed was awesome. After my procedure, I had lots of drainage and I was sore, especially my buttocks. I immediately took some pain medication which helped.

Day 1 Went to work, was sore, like a major workout, had some drainage, my right outer thigh and left inner thigh, I only took. Motrin for pain, which is all I needed….people at work noticed right away that I had something done. When I told them I had lipo and I did it the day before, they were amazed and thought I was crazy to go to work the next day. I felt good, just a little sore, not something I couldn’t handle. Everyone at work wanted to know where I went and said I looked amazing…

Day 2 Got up in the. Morning, still sore, but manageable, was quite bruised, my outer thighs, and. my buttocks…my soreness was from the bruising, which I was told would happen..I found it uncomfortable to get in my pickup truck, but Motrin helped me with the soreness. My drainage was almost gone, some drainage on my right outer thigh, no drainage my inner thigh, I was almost done with drainage. Working that day, I felt. More comfortable and was able to sit better…the day before, my buttocks were very tender like I did 200 crunches.

Day 3 Last day of work,got up in the morning and was less sore, and getting in my truck a lot easier and no drainage….kept the pads in my compression garment, just in case, but after 6 hours of working took them out….they kept sliding down my legs…they had to go…I continued to take Motrin, for the soreness, which was from the bruising.

Day 4 Got up in the Morning and decided to weigh myself, I was 6 Pounds lighter….I looked so small! I no longer had a shelf, my thighs so small, and my hips…wow…I could not believe how great I looked…all week, I was told I looked great, I thought the compression garment was just sucking. me in…not the case…I was Looking great. Took Motrin only during the day and walked my dogs two hours….felt great.

Day 5….feeling amazing, less sore and the bruises are turning yellow…so things are looking great…took my dogs out for our long walk, did some errands, and am able to my normal activities with little discomfort.

Day 6 Checked my weight, gained two pounds, but I have some swelling. So I expected this. I was told that this could happen in my discharge instructions..but I sure looked great, so the scale was not my enemy. Kept the compression garment on as instructed to help with the swelling and for contouring.

Day 7 Felt great when I got up, I wasn’t sore, the bruises were fading on my outer thighs, and my. Buttocks has less bruising too…I did my normal activity, walked two hours and felt super.

Day 8…went to work, told I looked smaller than the week before…more people want to know where I went…who did it, I am happy to share.

Day 9 Weighed myself in the Morning gained two more pounds…so 4 pounds gained…I know this can be from fluids, swelling, so I didn’t let this discourage me…I looked great.

Day 10 Bruises continue to fade, not sore, I look smaller, some swelling but. Minimal

Day 11 Weighed myself, another 2 pounds gained…total 6 pounds gained. Sunday, bruises are gone…weighed myself again…..2 more pounds gained back to the original weight, I was pre procedure…but I was told the first two weeks, swelling, too. Would I occur did not let this discourage. me.

Day 12…weighed my self…2 pound gone….starting to lose the fluids

Day 13 Weighed myself again…another 2 pounds gone…I feel so great…so glad I had the procedure…

Day 14 I can take this garment off..weighed. My self again…1. More pound gone…so far 5 pounds lost…the swelling is reducing. The fluids are being removed from. My system, I look amazing

Day 15 Still wearing the garment, weaning. Myself off the garment. Wearing it 12 hours and taking it off the remaining. Didn’t weigh my self, per discharge shouldn’t weigh every day…so I will wait till Sunday.Day 16 Weighed myself….lost. More….down 9 pounds…weighed originally. 181 . Now 172….I look a lot less. I am so happy with my results.I am so glad I made the decision that I did, I have wanted to do this for many years, I am happy I found my shape lipo and I think the staff is awesome, helpful, experienced and were able to answer all my questions. I have told all. My coworkers, friends and family. Everybody that I have seen in the past two weeks have given me nothing but compliments, and have been very Positive.I thank all the great staff at My shape lipo…thank you so much.

- Denise,Henderson NV

I am continuing to recover and the discomfort is just minimal, now. I think my experience mimics the expectations, per the post procedure/recovery process. I didn’t drain much, post operativly. I know everyone is different, and more importantly, that the excess fluid will be absorbed, per the circulatory and lymph systems. So, no issues, there.
The swelling has improved, this week, I already note that my pants are too loose, and that I will need to “go down” a size, soon. I will be back to 34″ waist, somnething I haven’t seen, in years!
I have been wearing my chest and abdominal binders 24 hours, removing only for baths.

- Jim

Hi Tiffany, Awe man, when I saw your email, i was hoping I won your! I am so happy with my results & want to come out to see you guys again in the future…& maybe get my husband there. It has been a quick 2 weeks! I put in my belly button ring in this weekend and it now sits straight, its never done that in the 17 yrs I’ve had it! I had very little pain, & actually went to work for a few hours the day after procedure. The only problem I had was swelling in my hands & the seam on sleeves of arm compression aggrevated my skin & caused cuts everywhere the seams were (I must have extra sensitive skin). I purchased compression sleeves from a medical supply that had no seams & problem solved. I can’t thank you all enough, i will be sending my journal & pics soon.

- Tamra W.

Hi Trevor and Tiffany and all the team:
Thank you all for your great service and care! Trevor, I want to inform you that I am feeling fine. I did alot of walking in Vegas the entire day after the procedure and it allowed alot of fluid to drain. I had the compression garments on and I took the medicine on schedule. I have opted to wear a full one piece compression shirt rather than the duel garments becuase it feels alot better (although it is a bit harder to put on). Cyndi helps me out in that department. I am swollen even down to my ankles but as I understand it– that is to be expected. I can feel the liquid moving around when I am lying down. I am no longer leaking so all the holes are scabbed now. I am only bruised in the area of incisions–everything else looks normal. I went to work today (Monday) and all is well. I cannot wait for the swelling to go down so I can see the final results. Do you recommend any swelling treatments like anica montana or something like that? Again Thanks Trevor and Tiffany and all the folks that helped me go through the procedure and the post procedure care. You were all great!

- Abel A,.Esq.

Sorry, it has been awhile since i wrote about my recovery, anyways i’am 1 month out of surgery and thing are looking great!!!!!!!!!! looking forward to doing more work on my body in the future, thank you guys so much.

- Liz

I just want to thank you guys after my appointment on Tuesday. I was secretly panicking but everyone was so nice and made me feel at ease. I was worried about my two girls in the waiting area, but they were good I hope. This was a really big thing for me to do and I am really pleased I did it. Trevor was great and his assistant who measured me and helped at the end was lovely. Can you check I am in the draw for the 15th – I don’t want my money back – I want more lipo! It will be worth the trip. It was a killer yesterday but good today.
Thanks again.

- Jeanette W,. Australia

So far since the procedure I have lost 28 lbs. I feel so much better! I love the fact that my jeans fit well now. Lol I wanted to keep you updated. I will send pics before summer. I just want to lose some more weight first. I looked at my pics that I sent out to guys prior to coming out. GROSS. I don’t Know what the heck I was thinking putting pics like that for you to look at. Lol but my legs and thighs are so pretty now. I continue to see changes. I can sit in a chair with sides and not have the indentation on my legs when I get up. Your paperwork that you sent home with me about the depression and the swelling and how the results would work, were dead on! It was almost by the book. I can’t wait to see you guys again!

- Amy B.

Hi guys; Just wanted to let you know that I am doing great .Swelling is going down and in another few days will take some pictures to compare with the first ones. Really was surprised that I have had zero pain and very little brusing . I have not had to take any of the pain pills, and had no problems on the flight back home . Everyone has also noticed the difference in me and I can hardly wait to see the final results. Both of us are very pleased with the way you and your staff handled everything and I have already started giving out your cards . Thank you so much.

- Johnny, Brownsville, TX

I had such a great experience at MyShape Lipo. I was very impressed with the whole procedure and the quality of care and concern the staff provided. During my initial consultation with Trevor, I was a little nervous with the idea of having to show my belly fat, but Trevor’s professionalism helped alleviate my nervousness. Trevor was focused on the goals I wanted to accomplish, and he made recommendations on other areas. With his recommendations, I did not feel any pressures to “upsize” because he truly wanted my input on what I wanted done. I had my procedure done the same day, and Trevor and the MyShape Lipo staff were awesome!! Coryn was very helpful providing me with information, and she even gave me her email address for any additional information I needed. During the procedure, Trevor talked to me throughout the procedure and made me feel comfortable. I really appreciate all they did for me. What an awesome experience!! Thank you!!

- Andrea M, Fort Irwin, CA

Thank you – I had a very good experience – Your staff make all the difference – you guys are great!

- Mark

Walking into a room and having my husband tell me how awesome I look is the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. This is what is happening since I had liposuction on nearly my whole body in November 2011. I was searching the internet and came across the MyShape Lipo site in Las Vegas, Nevada and became very intrigued. My 60th birthday was coming up in October and I wanted to do something just for me and liposuction is what I chose. I was a little nervous but the staff was awesome and I was so excited to see the results. I had a little trouble with nausea after the procedure, but they gave some medication for that. All is well now and I can say that I would do it all over again. The results are unbelievable. I remember one morning in December looking in the mirror and laughing at the difference I saw in my body-it seemed like it was over night. I can now easily slip into jeans that are right out of the dryer with no problem. They were so tight before that I hesitated trying them on, but when I did I sent a picture text to all my kids, that I was so excited with my new body. I would recommend this to anyone interested, just walk a lot no matter how it feels. I still feel spots on my thighs that tingle as they are still healing, but my stomach, hips, neck, and arms all feel and look awesome. It feels so good to move around free of all the fat and extra pounds. Since I left MyShape Lipo I have lost 21 pounds and it is going down more each day. Thank you MyShape you were such a professional team and all they have done to help make my body the way I dreamed it could be. I felt like maybe I was being very vain but being 60 and having a slim shapely body is out of this world. Everyone who thinks it is vain-eat your heart out!

- Carol T.

Hi everyone at my shape. It’s pepper!! Just wanted to say thank you again. I’m currently out of country but will send some 5 months pics soon. Trevor your a stud. Thank you thank you. Might see me soon for some butt and hips!!!!

- Thanks again, Pepper

Dear MyShape Lipo Team,Thank you so much for taking such good care of my wife. The experience, the care, your concern was great. I can’t wait til I get lipo with you guys. By the way, she is doing great. The swelling is minimal on her arms and the look great just 6 days after surgery. I anticipate even better results when the swelling goes down. Great job Trevor!Steve GWe stayed at the Homewood Suites when we went and it’s a great hotel, I got a little blood on the sheets from drainage after the procedure and they came up and switched out our sheets and were very kind and professional. I really suggest that you have someone there, regardless of your medical experience especially if you have hard to reach area’s done, it’s not easy to change out some of the pads by yourself, especially the first night when your all doped up, lol. And as for gambling, we went a night before so that my husband and I could enjoy vegas before the procedure. I really didn’t have a problem with it being in vegas, it was a long drive there and an uncomfortable drive back (about 10 hours) but all is good and it was definitely worth it!ElissaHi Brandy,I am about to leave town and return home, but I wanted to check-in to say everything is fine. I want to thank you and Treavor for helping me to be “less than all that I could be”!. Also, please tell him the optional “George Clooney” procedure went great; need to call George for some tips on how to fend off all these women! (Little, inside joke; he can explain).Thanks again,

- Mike

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