Liposuction For Military Troops…Don’t Fail The Tape Test

Being in the military has it’s perks, but passing the “tape test” is not one of the. The tape test is a measurement that is taken to determine your fat content. These measurements are taken regularly to ensure our military personnel remain at a healthy weight and fat content. If you are unable to pass this tape test, it could put you at risk of losing your position. That’s right, you can be fired for not passing the tape test. There are many military staff that are struggling with their weight, have tried diet notification and exercise programs, yet they are unable to reduce their waist. MyShape Lipo has the solution for your tape test problem.

Through liposuction, the specialist here at MyShape Lipo are able to remove large volumes of fat from your trouble area. In many cases, we can remove inches from your waist. Depending on how much fat you have, your waist can be reduced by as much as 2-6 inches in a single treatment! After the procedure, you be swollen and it takes time to heal, but the fat will be gone. We recommend having your procedure at least one month before the tape test, but 6 weeks would be ideal to assure that the swelling has resolved.

What will your commander think? If we can save your job, they will love you for doing this. No one wants to lose a good employee and if you have options to save your job, then you owe it to yourself. Most people are able to return to a sedentary job within 1-3 days. So you could have your procedure on a Thursday or Friday, take the weekend to recover, and return to work on Monday.

If you have tried diet and exercise, but can’t get the results you need to pass the tape test, then it’s time to let the specialist at MyShape Lipo help.

by: Trevor Schmidt PA-C, Liposuction Specialist at MyShape Lipo

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