Liposuction for Female Breast Reduction

Why People Like It

Large heavy breasts can cause many problems for women. The weight itself can cause back issues and be very limiting in some women. It also causes the bra to dig into the shoulder area making the shoulders and neck very uncomfortable and lead to chronic pain. Liposuction can reduce the size and weight of your breast to help alleviate these problems. Our skin tightening technique helps the skin retract for smooth natural results although this is limited by your own genetics and skin elasticity. You can choose how much or little fat you’d like us to remove for the perfect size during your liposculpture. Another advantage of liposuction for breast reduction is that you will not have visible scars. In most cases it’s like having a huge weight lifted off your chest.

Area Treated

The area consists of the front of the chest from the upper margins of the breast above to the breast crease below, to edge of the armpit on the side.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! The weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders:) I was so worried having my breasts worked on, but you have far exceeded my expectations. My co-workers are all talking and I catch people staring all the time. Now I feel good when people are staring because they’re not looking at my boobs. This has changed my life, seriously. I now fit into clothes I would have never even attempted to wear. I can barely even see where the scars are, I’m so happy that I didn’t get a reduction with those big scars, I’ve seen on friends.
Janelle P. Chicago, IL

Procedure and Recovery

Procedure Time: 45-60 Minutes
Recovery: Mild to moderate. Breasts can be very fibrous naturally which can sometimes make it tough to remove the fat. This also makes the area swell more and may be more uncomfortable. The results may be delayed because of this swelling. You will want to wear the compression garment for 1-2 weeks for the best results.

Recommendations: It’s recommended that you have regular breast exams as well as a mammogram within one year of the procedure.

Other areas of interest: Women that get their breast reduce may have issues that extend beyond the breast area. Occasionally a roll will extend into the front bra roll/ underarm and go all the way toward the back bra roll area. If these are an issue for you, we recommend addressing this issue at the same time in order to achieve the best results.

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