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Letters, Part 2

Why I Want Liposuction, Letters to MyShape Lipo

This is our second set of real letters from people that want liposuction. They are in reference to why they want Lipo and how it will change their life. We hear some interesting stories from all walks of life. Below are a few that people have written for us. Enjoy!

From Lexi R.
Hi everyone, I’m entering this contest, because I desperately want to have a better looking body, so that I can finally feel that my body is just as beautiful as every other part of me. I NEVER imagined in my wildest dreams, that I would have such a disgusting looking body, but after gaining 30 pounds after the death of my brother, and another 30 pounds while I was pregnant, my body figured did a 360 turn around. I have tried diets and exercising and I managed to lose 17 pounds, but no matter how hard I try the weight I’ve gained has become an enormous burden in my life and too much to handle especially being in school full time and working. I would love to have the help of liposuction to accomplish my goals of having a better looking body, because I’m tired of feeling a depression come over me every time I get undressed and to blatantly honest I’m really tired of being embarrassed of what I look like.I don’t want to be ashamed or depressed anymore when I look at myself in the mirror so Please vote for me and help my dream finally come true!
From Maria H.
For the past 2 years I have been sitting in the hospital with my little boy. I was by his side the entire time he was struggling to recover from a serious illness. Two months ago he lost his battle and is now my angel. The will to care about my apperence is a struggle for me everyday. I gained weight and forgot about caring for myself because my son needed me more. Now I need to change how I see myself and get healthier so I can be there for my other 5 children. Life is too short and I would like the chance to feel better about my self.
From Bobby D.
Hello everyone. Well to begin let me introduce myself well I am 20 years old, I have two beautiful children and a husband who I adore. I have never been happy with my body and I am even embarrassed to show myself to my husband even though we have been married for a year now. I cannot get over the fact that I am 20 years old and a size 20 to 22. I have always been teased for being the “chubby friend” when out with my friends or for being “obese” etc.
From Shalandria W.
Hi, My name is Laura and I am 230 pounds. All the weight is in my abdomen area and I would like to win the lipo contest to have that fat removed. My doctor believes I am in good enough health to have the procedure done. He will also write me note stating that any medicines I take won’t conflict with the surgery. Thank you,
From Laura R.
When I was pregnant, my husband deployed to Iraq. I developed pre-eclampsia and gained weight rapidly even though I was eating right. I gave birth via c-section while my husband was still overseas, because my heath was in danger due to the pre-eclampsia. PEven though I exercise and eat right, I still have this weight that won’t go away. Please give me back the body pre-eclampsia took away from me.
From Krystle A.
My last chance. After enduring a long illness, and bearing 3 children, I have worked hard to take the weight off. I feel as if I missed out on so much. I’m well now, starting a new career in the medical field, and would like the last of the weight off to help me care for my patients, just as I was cared for by the doctors and nurses. It’s been a long hard road to get here, with lots of sweat and tears shed. Help me get the rest of the way. Now that I’m healthy again, I’d also like to be able to look in thinner.
From Katherine K.
This is me now and I weigh 180 lb. I lost 20 pounds on an alkaline diet, but have hit a lull point. I have decided to go with liposculpture to get rid of some of the unwanted pounds. Especially the fat on my upper and lower abdomen and love handles. I have shrunk an inch and a half due to pressure on my spine from belly fat. My metablism is real low and doesn’t seem to change much no matter what I do. It’s like carrying around a 40 pound suitcase on my stomach; it is often uncomfortable while sleeping.
Wendi G.


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