Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Fat transfer to butt also known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” is becoming more and more popular. Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have started a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. The look of fuller backsides with a tiny waist appears to be sticking. For some this is natural, but for others that desire this look, fat transfer to the butt is a great option. For a natural look and feel of the larger butt, fat transfer offers amazing results.

Fat injections to the butt are a great alternative to buttocks implants for many reasons. The Brazilian Butt Lift is usually significantly more affordable than buttocks implants. The recovery after fat injection to butt is also easier, yet it could be a little tricky since it’s not recommended to put weight on the area for at least 2 weeks. When you compare buttocks implant before and after photos, the fat transfer is much more natural looking.

What type of butt do you have?

Everyone is a different to begin with, but there are some common shapes that you may identify with.
Round Butt” is typically what people are looking to create through the fat transfer process. This type has uniform fullness to the butt that gives it a round and full look. There is fullness toward the outer portion in addition to substantial protrusion of the butt.

Athletic Butt” is the one that is narrow and somewhat sucked in on the sides. These tend to have a void of fat toward the sides which may have a an indentation as well. People with this type tend to be more athletic which may lead to a smaller butt. To address this issue, we need to add more fat to the sides where there is a void to accomplish a more round looking butt with added protrusion.

Square Butt” refers to the individual that naturally has a very boxy shape with less curves. The problem here is typically that the fullness of the butt simply blends in with fullness in the surrounding areas. When there is no contrast between the butt and the surrounding areas, the natural beauty of the butt is lost. To improve this shape it’s important to use liposuction to carve out the fat in the areas around the waist in order to improve the shape. In addition, we need to add additional volume to accentuate and create a more round look to the butt.

V-Shaped Butt” is the butt that is wider toward the top and more narrow toward the bottom. These individuals tend to have more fat in their hips area which distracts from the butt. To improve this type of butt, we need a combination of removing the fat from the upper portion and adding fat to the lower portion to achieve a more even distribution and give more definition to the butt while making the waist smaller.

Heart Shaped Butt” is the type where they are more full toward the bottom and less full toward the waist. Imagine an upside down heart where they have a tiny waist and fuller bottom. Some describe Kim Kardashians butt as heart shaped. Some would find this as attractive and a shape that they would like. In many cases, these individuals also have very full outer thighs and further widens the base of the upside down heart. If this is not appealing, the outer thighs could be treated to reduce the width and define the outer border of the butt for a better shape.

Since the shape of your butt is a very personal choice, it’s important to give our specialist an idea of what you are looking for. While it may not be possible to give you exactly what you want, if we have an idea, then we can do our best to meet your expectations. Through the use of liposuction and fat transfer, we are able to transform the shape and contour of your butt to redefine your backside.

Who wants Fat Transfer to the Buttocks?

  • Issues filling your jeans in the buttocks area.
  • Lack of volume in specific areas of the buttocks.
  • Interested in improving your proportions in comparison to the rest of your body.
  • Don’t want implants of the butt.
  • Don’t want general anesthesia.
  • Want a natural looking butt enhancement

Fat transfer process

Upon initial evaluation, the specialist will determine your type of butt and make recommendations on how to make improvements to the shape. The specialist will also suggest which areas to harvest the fat from to get optimal results. The amount of areas suggested depends on the amount of change that you are looking to achieve. In many cases, the fat removed from surrounding areas is equally important to the final shape as is the fat transferred to the butt.

Since the shape and size of the butt is a personal preference, each individual will help to determine what the expected goal will be. Once all parties agree on the expected shape, the specialist will put drawings on the area to guide him throughout the procedure. We will also identify the areas for liposuction to harvest fat and mark those areas. Pictures and measurements will be taken prior to the procedure for documentation.

The initial part of the procedure is injecting fluid into the area to get it numb. Then we will focus on the liposuction to harvest the fat. The fat is removed using special techniques to increase the amount of viable fat cells. We will also do some liposuction in some of the surrounding areas of the butt to create the new borders of where the butt should start and end. Then the fat cells will be processed and prepared for transfer. The fat will then be placed in a special instrument designed specifically for transferring fat. We will then systematically transfer the fat into the area that was marked. Once the fat has been transferred to our satisfaction, the patient will be cleaned and garments will be applied.

Recovery after Fat Transfer

Recovery from fat transfer can vary widely depending on the extent of the procedure. Swelling will vary, but is expected following the procedure. The extent of swelling is different for each individual and some will have more than others. Initially the area will be swollen and quite large. Over the next few weeks and months the swelling will diminish and some of the fat will not survive. The fat requires adequate blood supply to nourish the fat, so it is recommended to not put pressure on the buttocks for 2 months following the procedure. This means no tight clothes that could be restricting. It also means limited sitting which can be challenging and it’s recommended to avoid direct pressure of sitting for at least 2 weeks and limited sitting for 2 months. We do have some tricks and recommendations which we will discuss with you following the procedure that will allow you to sit, but not put pressure on the buttocks. After 6 months, most studies are showing that the fat that remains at that point will be permanent. In the event that a larger volume is desired, additional transfers may take place as early as 3 months following the initial procedure.

Fat Transfer Expectations

Although there is a component of the fat transfer that is unpredictable with the survival rate of fat, studies show that 50-60% of the volume transferred will survive. With liposuction, we should be able to improve the overall shape and definition of the buttocks and through fat transfer increase the volume. It is reasonable to expect a 25-35% increase from your current size. Studies have actually shown that trying to inject too much fat will decrease the amount of the fat cells that survive, since there is too much pressure on the area from the excessive filling. In the situation that one is trying to accomplish a larger volume, there is the option of serial fat transfers done every 3 months until the desired volume is achieved.

Diet and Exercise After Fat Transfer

Since we are trying to get the fat cells to flourish in the area of the transfer, it makes sense to create an environment that is more conducive to fat creation for about 2 months following the procedure. What this means is doing the opposite of all the diets that you may have tried in the past. You should eat a diet higher in carbohydrates which will start your body storing fat. While we do want you to put on some weight, excessive weight is not recommended. Regarding exercise, it’s important to avoid “fat burning” exercises that will deplete the fat stores and decrease the amount of fat that may survive following fat transfer. These exercises include heavy cardio like biking, treadmill, elliptical, stair climber or any exercise that causes excessive sweating. If you do choose to work out in the first 2 months following fat transfer, you should focus on strength building rather than fat burning exercises. Meaning, higher weights and less repetitions.

* Liposuction costs are extra. We recommend a minimum of 2 areas of liposuction to collect a sufficient amount of fat to transfer to the butt. If we do not have enough fat, you may not achieve the size you are looking for. For thinner individuals, they may require more areas treated or they should gain weight prior to transfer to increase fat deposits.


    • says

      Hi, Shuneka we have our special pricing going on for $1,299. per area for liposuction and it is $2,000. to do a fat transfer to the buttocks. Thank you!

    • Patricia Green says

      I have 2 stomachs i would like to transfer from stomach to butt, i’m in Florida

    • says

      Hi Patricia! We do perform fat transfers to the buttock’s for further information, please visit our website at MyShapelipo.com Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Shawna, the cost of a fat transfer to the buttocks is $2,000. We recommend treating two areas of liposuction in order to get as much fat as possible to do the transfer. We have our special pricing going on for $1,299. per area for liposuction. For further information please visit our website MyShapelipo.com Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Sandra, we do not do tummy tucks here at MyShape Lipo, and we actually advise our patients against getting the procedure done. Liposuction would be a better option because it removes the bulk of fat from the abdomen area, tummy tucks do not. 9 times out of 10 our patients do not need tummy tucks and are much happy with their results after having just the lipo. We do have our special pricing going on for $1,299. per area for liposuction and it is $2000. to do a fat transfer to the buttocks. For more information please visit our website at MyShapelipo.com

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth, we do fat transfers to the buttocks, breasts, hands, and face. The cost of a fat transfer is $2,000. We recommend treating two areas of liposuction in order to get as much fat as possible to do the transfer, we have our special pricing going on for $1,299 per area for liposuction.

  1. Brittaney says

    Where can I have this procedure done? Is the special still going on? I wld need to have it done in south Fl..

    • says

      Hi Brittany, yes we still have our special going on, it is $1,299.00 per area for liposuction. I understand you are located in Florida unfortunately at this time our only facility is located in Henderson, NV which is 20 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. We do however have a lot of patients that are from out of state and out of the country, they find that they save more money by coming to us then being treated locally. We do work with a number of hotels that offer our patient’s corporate rates on their stay as well as a complimentary shuttle to and from their procedure and the airport. You can find out more information on our website at MyShapelipo.com under the Medical Travel Concierge tab. Thank you!

  2. Alicia Banks says

    Hi my name is Alicia and I was very interested in getting this procedure done. The fat I would like to get is from around my stomach area transferred to my buttock area and I wanted to know the pricing for this procedure in the full. I would also be interested on.Where your located, because I’m in the Melbourne Fl area. If you could get back to me with a response or brochure of this procedure I would greatly appreciate it hope to hear from you soon.

    • says

      Hi Alicia, we are located in Henderson, NV which is 20 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. We do offer the fat transfer procedure and we recommend treating two areas of liposuction so we can inject as much fat as possible. We have our special going on for $1,299.00 per area for liposuction and $2,000.00 for a fat transfer. If you were to treat two areas in your abdomen and then do a fat transfer the total would be $4,598.00. You can find out more information by going to our website at MyShapelipo.com or by calling our office! Thank you!

  3. Evette says

    Hi, I weigh 259lbs I am looking to get information about fat transfer from my stomach & back and possibly inner thighs to my butt area. I would like to know the price and if financing is available?

    • says

      Hi Evette, we currently have our special pricing going on for $1,299.00 per area for liposuction. We recommend a minimum of 2 areas of liposuction to collect a sufficient amount of fat to transfer to the area you want treated. If we do not have enough fat, you may not achieve the size you are looking for. To do the fat transfer itself is $2,000.00. We do work with two financing companies which are Medloan Finance and Advanced Care. We also offer an in-house payment plan as well. For further information please call our office, you can also find further information on our website at MyShapelipo.com Thank you!

  4. Emerald says

    Its says fat transfer is for people who dont want general anesthesia so are you asleep during the process or not.

    • says

      Hi Emerald,
      We use a tumescent technique here at MyShape Lipo. The tumescent technique is when we treat the area with saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine, this numbs the area and allows us to suck out the fat. This is the accepted standard of liposuction in recent years because of it’s safety profile and the ability to remove large volumes of fat while the patient is awake. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Nikki, yes you can do a free body shape analysis. Send in photos showing your front, back, right and left sides of the areas you want treated. Be sure to take the pictures in a well lit room, standing in front of a blank or white wall and be sure to include your first and last name, telephone number, email address, and how you heard about us. Send all of this information to photos@myshapelipo.com and we will get back to you within 1-3 business days with a quote. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Taylor,
      Here at Myshape Lipo, we perform fat transfers to the butt, which are also referred to as Brazilian butt lifts, and that is when we move the fat cells from one part of the body where there is excess fat and transfer them to an area where there is a deficiency of fat cells. This procedure is all natural and we recommend treating at least two areas of liposuction so we can inject as much fat as possible into the specified area. Right now we have our special pricing going on for $1,299.00 per area for liposuction and it is $2,000.00 to do the fat transfer. Thank you!

  5. Angela Scott says

    Im a resident of Dallas Texas and I am very interested in 3 areas of lipo to my stomach, back underneath bra area and love handles, then I would like for the fat to be transferred into my buttock for enhancement, I am also interested In the deal that’s 650 a area not sure of what its called but I think it tightens my skin from the inside out. What do I need to do to get this process started. I am looking to travel that way March 2016 for this procedure.

    • says

      Hi Angela, we recommend treating at least 2 areas of liposuction in order to do the fat transfer, so we can inject as much fat into the specified area as possible. Right now we have our special pricing going on for $1,299.00 per area for liposuction, and it is $2,000.00 to do the fat transfer. If you wanted to treat 3 areas of lipo and do a fat transfer your total quote would be $5,897.00. I would recommend that you send in photos to our office of the areas you want treated at photos@myshapelipo.com and we will send you back a quote. You can then leave a deposit and that will secure your pricing as well as your procedure date. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Aleysha,

      To do a fat transfer to the buttocks is $2,000.00. If you are a local here in Las Vegas, we can certainly set up a complimentary consultation for you, we can be reached at (702) 818-5476, if you are not a local please complete our body shape analysis by sending in photos of the areas you want treated to our office and we will send you back a full on quote! Thank you.

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