Diet And Exercise To Improve Your Liposuction Outcome After Procedure

Getting the best results after liposuction is at the forefront of everyones mind after your liposuction procedure. While recovery after liposuction varies widely from person to person, there are a few things that you can do to help your recovery. By far the most important thing that you can do after your liposuction is to wear your compression garment. The bodies natural reaction after liposuction is to swell the area with fluid. In order to decrease this swelling, you need to wear your compression garment religiously. Because of swelling, you will see limited results until the swelling goes down. The longer that you are swollen, the longer your recovery will take. At MyShape Lipo, we recommend using the compression garment for at least 2 weeks, 24 hours a day, then as needed after that.

Some people choose to wear their garment for months after liposuction. While this may not be necessary, it will not hurt. Early in your recovery, it’s important to avoid being sedentary. We recommend walking regularly after liposuction. This will decrease the risk of blood clots and help to mobilize the fluid and decrease swelling. We also recommend light massages to the area treated to help mobilize the fluid as well.

Once the active swelling has diminished, it’s recommended to begin a regular diet and exercise routine. Maintaining a good diet after liposuction is important to ensure the best results. Continued reduction of your fat content through diet will only improve your outcome. In most cases, patients are motivated to get the best results. It’s exciting to see results from the your liposuction procedure and even more exciting to continue to see results though diet.

Exercise will play a pivotal role in toning your body and reducing any loose skin. Many of our patients here at MyShape Lipo are very discouraged with exercise before liposuction, since they see limited results. But after liposuction, they see results from the procedure, which is encouraging that they will continue to see results through exercise. With less fat, most people see better results from exercise after liposuction.

Since everyone heals at different rates, it’s difficult to say when you will see the best results after liposuction. In some cases, people are swollen for months and others their swelling goes down in weeks. If you heal slower, don’t worry, the long term results will be the same. Although it is more frustrating when it takes longer to see results most are happy in the long run.

by: Trevor Schmidt PA-C Liposuction Specialists at MyShape Lipo

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