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Testimonial:  “Trevor Schmidt is a superb liposuction specialist. His years of training and experience are quite apparent.  He is an excellent instructor, and has multiple “pearls” regarding surgical technique that are not available in other training courses.


As Obama Care takes effect, many doctors are noticing that their reimbursements from insurance are getting less and less.  Most physicians are looking for ways to increase their revenue to cover the ever increasing costs of medicine.  As reimbursement decreases, most medical practices are forced to increase the number of patients they treat.  This means less time with each patient, poor service, and a higher chance of mistakes as the practitioner is more stressed by the higher volume.  This is bad for both the patient and the practitioner.

Who is interested?:

These courses are excellent for the practice looking to add cash services to their practice to make them less reliant on insurance based medicine.  Liposuction, medical weight loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction are very lucrative services that are in high demand in our society.  State laws will vary, but in most cases MD’s, DO’s, PA’s and NP’s are able to perform liposuction with proper training.  In order to maintain the quality of your service, adding cash based services will allow the practice to see less patients without compromising the profitability of the practice.

Why you should choose MyShape Lipo:

MyShape Lipo is a liposuction speciality clinic located in Las Vegas, NV.  Trevor Schmidt PA-C is the Liposuction Specialist and owner of MyShape Lipo.  He has performed over 10,000 Tumescent liposuction procedures and has built a thriving practice that attracts patients from around the globe.  Over the years, he has trained over 100 physician in the art of Liposculpture, many of whom have gone on to be very successful in the field of liposuction.  Unlike other courses that simply lecture and give you information that you could read in a text book, we offer real experience and pertinent information that will help any practitioner build a lucrative liposuction practice.

Our courses are focused on hands on experience that will give the practitioner practical information needed to begin offering liposuction in their practice.  The course will take place at MyShape Lipo and students will be able to see how a functional liposuction office is set up.  More importantly, students will be exposed to all of the details they will need to be successful.  They will have the opportunity to “pick the brain” of a liposuction specialist that has built and currently operates a very successful liposuction clinic.  If you are looking for a boring course that you can fall asleep in the back of the room, then this is not for you.  We encourage all serious practitioners to inquire about our liposuction course.


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Introductory Course

CME Approved “Body Shaping” Workshop







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Advanced Liposuction Workshop

 Hands on Training





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