Do I need to lose weight prior to Liposuction?

We get this question regularly. If you have been researching liposuction and had the chance to speak to a plastic surgeon, they will inevitably tell you that you need to be your ideal weight prior to liposuction. Perhaps for “ideal results” that may be true. But how does it make sense that someone comes to you to ask for help losing fat, and you tell them to lose weight? It doesn’t make any sense to me. That’s why we don’t believe it is necessary to lose any weight prior to liposuction. [Read more…]

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck scar 1
Many women are struggling with the deciding if a tummy tuck is right for the, or if liposuction may be a better options. In researching this, it’s important to be aware of the biases the person may have that is giving you advice. For example, most plastic surgeons are avid recommenders of the tummy tuck. It really doesn’t matter if you have excess skin or not, they tend to recommend a tummy tuck to just about everyone that walks through their doors. They usually tell people that they will have an empty sack of skin after liposuction. I can tell you after performing over 15,000 liposuction procedures that it is a lie. Typically the looseness of the skin that you have prior to liposuction will be comparable to the looseness after, except you will get substantial reduction in size. So if you don’t have loose skin before liposuction, you likely will not have loose skin after. This applies even for very large individuals as well. So don’t get fooled by the lies from plastic surgeons, they are likely trying to up sell you to make more money. [Read more…]

Trevor Schmidt PA-C Appears on FOX 5 More Show with patient Patrice Blackmon

More Appearance Blackmon
Patrice Blackmon is another happy patient of MyShape Lipo. Surprisingly, she is a mother of an 18 and 14 year old and struggled to get her body back in shape. She tried diet and exercise for years with only limited results. After multiple disappointing consultations with other local plastic surgeons, she found MyShape Lipo and decided to place her trust in Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the liposuction expert. Patrice chose to have liposuction of her abdomen with fat transfer to the butt, aka. Brazilian Butt Lift. Since she had two children, she had concerns with loose skin in the abdomen and chose to use the Smart Lipo laser for skin tightening. The laser helped her to avoid a tummy tuck, which is what many of the other doctors suggested for her. [Read more…]

Liposuction Treatment can Change your Life

This is a great article that discusses an alternative benefit. The patient in the article had an issue with lipedema which had been misdiagnosed as lyphedema for almost 3 years. She struggled with many treatments including diet, exercise, compression stockings, multiple surgeries and various medications all without any benefit. She was finally diagnosed correctly with lipedema and was recommended to get liposuction to remove the excess fat cells. The liposuction literally changed her life and gave her hope for her bright future with normal legs. To read the full article, click here.

Enthusiastic Testimonial for Brazilian Butt Lift

Patrice is a frequent flyer here at MyShape Lipo. She is speaking in this video primarily about her experience with the liposuction of the abdomen and the fat transfer to the butt, aka Brazilian Butt Lift. Patrice is very animated making this a fun video to watch. Like many other women, she had children and her body paid the price. She had an issue with loose skin in the abdomen, lack of fat in her butt and fat around her waist that simply won’t go away despite diet and exercise.

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Causes of Cellulite

What is cellulite and what is the cause?

Cellulite is something that nearly every women is familiar with, those pesky dimples, lumps, bumps and irregular contours of the skin. By far, women are affected more than men. Aging, weight gain and loss, thin skin and unfortunate genetics all make cellulite worse. Most women simply cover their thighs for the majority of their lives and are very self conscience. [Read more…]

Client Journal – Male – Full Abdomen

Male 32 yrs old, Full Abdomen and love handles

Dude…This is incredible!

The procedure itself was pretty easy. I had it at the end of the day after a long days work, they were nice enough to fit me in. It was much more pleasant than I had anticipated. There was just a weird sensation during the numbing part [Read more…]

Client Journal – Steve

Male age 43, UL abs, LH, butt

The first day after surgery. Just wanted to let you guys know what a great experience i had with you all. From start to finish, you were all very professional and very informative. Trevor explained everything in detail, so there were never any surprises. [Read more…]