Liposuction and How it Works

What is liposuction? Is liposuction permanent? How exactly does liposuction work? These are just some of the questions we are asked on the daily from our patients here at MyShape Lipo. We do have numerous articles, videos, and blogs posted on our website that answer these questions, but it’s understandable that sometimes just reading through an article is simply not enough. So to help further explain the process of liposuction I’ve posted a link to a short animation video that will show you step by step on how liposuction is performed and the results you should expect, enjoy!

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Men and Liposuction

In an industry that seems to be mostly dominated by women, cosmetic surgery seems to be the driving force that many choose in order to maintain their youth and beauty, as well as their physique. But where do the men fit in this equation? [Read more…]

Lap Band vs Lipo: Which is Better?

Lap Bands!!!…No stomach cutting!!!…No stomach stapling!!!…Will help reduce your food intake so you can drop those pounds and get down to your desired size!!! Sounds great right?? Yes, it sounds like a dream come true, and I hate to burst your bubble, but there’ a lot more bad then good when it comes to these band surgeries. A recent article on Bariatric Surgery Source reports that there are alarming rates with complications from having the surgery, researchers reporting as high as 26%. [Read more…]

Whittling Away with Waist Training: Good or Bad?

Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and Nicole “Snookie” Polizza, these are just a few of the celebrities who have kick started this crazy new weight loss trend known as “Waist Training”, but what is it?? Well first of all, we shouldn’t exactly consider this trend new, as this phenomenon has been around since the Victorian era. Women would wear corsets to whittle inches off and reshape their waist to give an appearance of an hourglass silhouette, and after years of being absent, this fashion passé’ is making quite a comeback! Now the question to ask is, is waist training safe to do? There are many articles floating around the internet, some praising waist training and others shunning it as if it were the black plague. [Read more…]

Do Not Believe The Hype: The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

“Dominican authorities have shut down a plastic surgery clinic as they investigate the death of a U.S. woman who traveled to the Caribbean country to undergo a liposuction procedure, officials said Sunday.” This is a statement taken from a recent article posted on Latino Fox News website on yet another occurrence of death by liposuction. This is the fourth woman and second American who has died this year at a Dominican plastic surgery clinic. Cosmetic surgery tourism has rapidly been climbing in numbers as many U.S. Citizens have been flocking to these Caribbean destinations, enticed by some fun in the sun and not only returning home with a fresh tan, but some fresh buns as well…if you catch my drift. [Read more…]


Here at MyShape Lipo, we supply a standard compression garment for our patients after they have had their procedure. The purpose of the compression garment is to help you see your results as soon as possible. Consistent, even compression is important to control swelling and help with the overall healing process. Although we do supply a compression garment for the areas you treated, we do recommend purchasing your own. Here is a list of websites and stores that carry an array of shapers, waist clinchers, and control tops of the like! If you have any questions or need further information on how the garment should fit, please call our office. [Read more…]

Does The Fat Come Back??

Here at MyShape Lipo, most of our patients come from out of town, or even out of the country. So you can imagine how many questions we get regarding the procedure. However, we tend to hear one question in particular more than any other. “Does the fat come back after liposuction??” Surely after saving up the money, and finally making the decision to go through with the procedure you want to KNOW that this is going to work and not be a waste of time. So with that being said, our liposuction specialist Trevor Schmidt PA-C has made a short video to put those concerns to rest. In this video he explains, that the fat we have as a baby, is the same fat that we have as adults. When we go through the FUN process of dieting and exercising (we just love that, don’t we?!?) our fat cells SHRINK, and when we gain weight (from the causes of stress, break-ups, bills, etc) our fat cells SWELL. The art of liposuction physically REMOVES those stubborn fat cells, so if you gain a substantial amount of weight (15-25 lbs) after the procedure, the areas that were treated will not expand as much as the areas that were left untreated. Therefore, as long as you maintain a healthy diet, and exercise regimen your time and money have not gone to waste! I hope this video has been educational for you all!

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More Show Interview With Trevor Schmidt PA-C, Featuring Patient Nada Lambghari

In this interview, Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the liposuction specialist and owner of MyShape Lipo discusses how liposuction can affect the confidence and self esteem of patients. Happy patient Nada Lambghari is the guest who is discussing her experience with the procedure. She had nearly full body liposuction after she had been depressed and unhappy from her divorce. She had some unbelievable results which you can see in the before and after pictures displayed during the interview. Trevor explains how he has seen many of his patients change their whole demeanor after liposuction. They’ve gained self esteem and now have confidence that they severely lacked prior to removing their fat. For a complimentary Body Shape Analysis, call NOW 702-818-5476.

FOX 5 Features Trevor Schmidt PA-C Discussing Male Liposuction with Jimmy Tuma

Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the liposuction specialist at MyShape Lipo is featured on FOX 5 More Show discussing male liposuction with local celebrity Jimmy Tuma. Tuma is a patient of MyShape Lipo and had his chin treated to improve his jawline. Jimmy has a common story as he was a competitive athlete who was in prime shape for most of his life until his athletic career ended and he became more sedentary. While he was an athlete, he was able to eat whatever he wanted, but when he became less active and continued to eat the same, the weight came quickly. Jimmy now struggles to maintain his weight and lacks confidence because of his heavier state of being. His chin has bothered him in particular, which is why he chose to have it treated. Through liposuction, Jimmy has gained much confidence and feels much more comfortable in social engagements. MyShape Lipo offers complimentary “Body Shape Analysis” to evaluate your body and give accurate recommendations including prices. Call now to schedule yours for in person at our office or via the phone with the aid of pictures, 702-818-5476.

More Show Interviews Trevor Schmidt PA-C, Discussing “Mommy Makeover” with Patrice Blackmon

Trevor Schmidt PA-C was interviewed on the FOX 5 More Show to discuss the “Mommy Makeover.” Joining Trevor is Patrice Blackmon a happy patient of MyShape Lipo. Patrice had fat removed from her abdomen and waist, then had that fat transferred to her butt for the “Brazilian Butt Lift.” In this video she is just one month after her procedure and she looks great already. Patrice is the self proclaimed “Cheerleader” for MyShape Lipo. She has had amazing results in such a short period of time. Patrice is a prime example of a young mother that didn’t give up on herself after having children. She proves that you can still look and feel sexy even after your body pays the price of having children. MyShape Lipo offers complimentary consultations to evaluate your body and get an accurate quote to the proposed procedure. With their affordable rates and extensive experience of over 15,000 procedures, they attract patients from around the globe who fly into the Las Vegas area for their procedures. Call now 702-818-5476 to schedule your consultation in person or over the phone.