71 Year Old MyShape Lipo Patient Proves It’s Never Too Late To Look and Feel Good About Your Body!

MyShape Lipo once again has another success story in patient Yvonne Disabatino who experienced life changing results after having two separate treatments including her abdomen, waist, and full thighs! Nearly 10 pounds of pure fat was removed from her waist line resulting in an amazing 11 inch reduction, her waist went from 50 inches to 39 inches with a single procedure! Yvonne has proved that it truly is never too late to feel better in your own body, after two liposuction procedures and a nearly 25 pound weight loss, she is well on her path to her new body!! Stay tuned as we will be posting more on this amazing story, in the meantime please follow the link to below and get started on your own fantastic weight loss journey by completing our free body shape analysis and find out how Trevor can do the same for you!

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MyShape Lipo Announces Their New FM Talk Radio

MyShape Lipo is proud to announce that Trevor Schmidt PA-C will now be discussing liposuction and fat transfers every Tuesday during rush hour at 5 p.m. on 95.5 FM The Bull! Our locals can listen live here in Las Vegas and our out of town clients can tune into our podcast on our website! Trevor will share his experiences and answer the most common questions that people will have. He will also go into detail on the other services we offer here, as well as the intricacies of each procedure and clear up any misconceptions about liposuction. In addition, he will share stories of patient experiences to help paint the picture for those interested in our services. Follow the link below to our newsletter to learn more about this wonderful new opportunity and lets get started on helping you achieve the body you have always dreamed of! Give our office a call to schedule your complimentary consultation or send in photos to our office by completing our free Body Shape Analysis!

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Liposuction and The Pregnant Woman: What Are The Benefits?

Having a child is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences a woman can have. A new child brings a lot of joy, love, and happiness to the mother and all of those around her. Even though this time is such a joyous occasion, some women may have that lingering feeling of self-consciousness about the effects that pregnancy has had on their bodies. [Read more…]

MyShape Lipo Announces Their Newest Spokesperson

Myshape Lipo is proud to introduce our new spokesperson Denise Reddix! Denise is a former patient of ours and has experienced phenomenal results. One month after having only one single procedure, Denise has had an 11 inch reduction in her waist! Just like so many other people, she had struggled her whole life trying to keep the weight off with countless diet and exercise programs that never seemed to work for her. One day, she decided that she had finally had enough, and sought help to get rid of her belly, and she entrusted Trevor Schmidt PA-C, the owner and liposuction specialist of Myshape Lipo to do the job, and he definitely delivered! Find out how he was able to help Denise achieve her weight loss goals and how he can do the same for you too! Follow the link below to read the full interview, as well as watch our feature on FOX 5!

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To start your own personal weight loss journey, complete our free body shape analysis and get started today!
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Liposuction and How it Works

What is liposuction? Is liposuction permanent? How exactly does liposuction work? These are just some of the questions we are asked on the daily from our patients here at MyShape Lipo. We do have numerous articles, videos, and blogs posted on our website that answer these questions, but it’s understandable that sometimes just reading through an article is simply not enough. So to help further explain the process of liposuction I’ve posted a link to a short animation video that will show you step by step on how liposuction is performed and the results you should expect, enjoy!

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Men and Liposuction

In an industry that seems to be mostly dominated by women, cosmetic surgery seems to be the driving force that many choose in order to maintain their youth and beauty, as well as their physique. But where do the men fit in this equation? [Read more…]

Lap Band vs Lipo: Which is Better?

Lap Bands!!!…No stomach cutting!!!…No stomach stapling!!!…Will help reduce your food intake so you can drop those pounds and get down to your desired size!!! Sounds great right?? Yes, it sounds like a dream come true, and I hate to burst your bubble, but there’ a lot more bad then good when it comes to these band surgeries. A recent article on Bariatric Surgery Source reports that there are alarming rates with complications from having the surgery, researchers reporting as high as 26%. [Read more…]