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Win Free Liposuction, 3 Areas Of Lipo Free

MyShape Liposculpture Specialists are offering the opportunity to win 3 areas of liposuction absolutely free at  There is no purchase required and anyone can enter to win.  Every month we will choose one Grand Prize winner to have a liposuction procedure absolutely free.  There will also be Consolation prizes, so when you enter this drawing, there is a very good chance that you will win something.

The odds are in your favor.  If we get 500 entries, then you will have a 1 in 500 chance of getting your procedure for free.  This is not one of those contests that nobody wins or that the odds are so poor you really don’t have a chance.  Liposuction costs can be extremely high, don’t let the cost of liposuction hold you back from attaining your shape.

Starting October 1, 2011 we will hold our first drawing and one lucky person will win a free liposuction procedure including 3 areas at MyShape Liposculpture Specialists in Las Vegas, NV.  Entries for the next drawing will also be accepted starting October 1, then the next drawing will take place November 1.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  This is the chance to change your life forever and finally have the body shape that you have always wanted.


  1. I truly am in need of help getting this baby weight off me. I’ve never been over weight till three years ago please help.
    Thank you

    • Ok so crunches and plkans are good you should involve them when you excersise, but they won’t make all your belly dissapear, you need to start doing some cardio if you haven’t already. I’m not saying go and run a mile but aim to put some cardio in day, atleast 15 to 30 minutes. Success takes some babysteps. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, walk around the perimitter of the grocery store, ask your parents to park farther from the entrance, walk to school,walk your dog in the park briskley, jump rope, the list goes on, get that heart pumping! Also drink plenty of water drink 8 tall glasses a day, try to add atleast 2 more servings of fruits and veggies. Don’t try to take away food but add fruits and vegetables or if your craving something sweet try to eat low fat/ fat dairy. Also try to cut back sugar, if you have a sweet tooth it will take some time so cut back 5 grams of sugar a week so you can get adjusted. Don’t eat out of boredom or emotions if you do.If you have a craving keep and apple or groanola bar with you if your out and if your at home turn the music up and start dancing around or draw no matter how great or horrible an artist you are, do stuff to keep you busy if you eat out of boredom. If you eat out of emotion go for a walk write about it or take a hot bubble bath or give yourself a mani pedi. And lastley spend some time outside, it is scientifically proven that sunlight helps speed up your metabolism, puts you in a better mood,is great for your liver, and can even help prevent cancer, just don’t forget sunblock and don’t get too much sun. Good luck! Remember it will take a while to get adjusted so set small goals for yourself once a week, and treat yourself with a mani pedi or something when you reach a certain amount of goals.Remember slow but steady whens the race.Hope I helped!

  2. When I was in my 20’s, I was in college with no worries and I just studied and worked out and ate salad with no dressing. Also, these were the days of ephedra and Xenedrine was miracle supplement. Today I have a desk job and have had 2 pregnancies. I still exercise mixin it up with cardio/pilates/yoga and light weights but maybe if I could stick to the Atkins/Paleo diets I would be a runway model. …. but living life in the real world does not always allow for this. It would be great to have a little help with the loose belly……

  3. I have been overweight for about 6 years. I carry most of my weight in my belly. My back hurts, especially when I sleep. I toss and turn sooo much from side to side all night. I have to have pellows behind me right up against my back and a lot in the front. It hurts to have straight posture. My back bows inward. Everyone always thinks I’m pregnant. But I am not, I have 2 kids, but I was like this before I had them, it just got worse. Even though I am a little over weight everywhere, my belly is the worst. I hate it and will do almost anything to get it off!!!!! I have nooooo money, so to win something like this would make me cry. And I would feel pretty again!!!! And not be in pain. I have been trying to get this off but I seem to loose weight in more places then my belly, when thats the place I need the most. It’s soo big in the middle, but it also hangs pretty low. When I try on pants it’s either too big for my legs, but fits my belly or it fits my legs, but won’t button over my belly. Clothes look horrable on me. My belly doesn’t match the rest of my body. I have to wear maternity pants, And I KNOW Im not pregnant, cuz I have done many tests.!!! All my life I have never had a flat belly and one day I want one, and if I can get this big gut off of me I can work on it easier. I also would like my back and arms, inner thighs, neck and face, but I know I can only get three.

  4. Im a very small persom lm 4 11 an I have had three csetions an the weight really needs to come off im having back problems an knee problems couse of the weight it has never came off after the kids can u please help me!!!

  5. 2006 study in American Journal of Physiology showed that dieeerfncfs in blood flow to fat areas does change rates of lipolysis. During exercise, the fat cells surrounding the trained muscle released more fat into the blood, meaning a greater quantity of fat from the targeted area is released into the body to be used as fuel. The study suggests that when exercising, you burn body fat preferentially in the area you’re training.

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  7. i’ve read this before, and it’s still interesting.

  8. I been wishing for a chance to have liposuction…I look like I swallow a bal….l I am truly in need of a liposuction….. I need help.please help me

  9. I would love to have this surgery as I am overweight but cannot go without sleeves because of my arms. I used to cut and carry bags of sticks for sale when the kids were young so I could afford to get them new things, at that stage there was no such thing as single parents allowances and I had 3 boys to bring up on my own after marriage split. I would love to be able to wear summer clothes like everyone else instead of sweltering and keeping covered up.

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